8 Feb 2016

Rotation, rotation, rotation!

Hey there!

So after the weekends stitching I wasn't sure which to continue on, then in the wee hours of this morning I went through my wips as who needs sleep...I think it might be my new Sunday ritual to see which project is calling out to me and stitch on it that week. 

What happened was this evening I stitched on my HAED...anyone remember me starting this? It's faces of faery 66 I think...and last time I left it off here...

And after today...it's here...

So mainly focussed on that bottom left corner...not bad...I'm excited to see how much I have done by the Saturday night before I choose the next project :) the changing is helping my mojo a lot and I'm enjoying it so far. 

I hope you're all enjoying your stitches too!

Saturday stitches

It's 3am and I can't sleep...nothing new...so I thought I would post a small update on my weekend stitches.

I opted to spend the time I had on Saturday stitching in Noahs Ark. Can you see any difference? 



I'm happy with that for now :)

I hope you've all enjoyed your weekend stitchy time! 

5 Feb 2016

Mini-week stitchy update


I thought I would post my small stitchy update. Rather than rotating more wips I stuck with the sampler and the Noah's ark. 

I spent about an hour on Tuesday on the sampler ..,

And I stitched that alphabet in purple on the right.

I didn't stitch Wednesday :( but yesterday I managed another hour of stitching but this time on Noahs Ark...

All in all I'm pleased for two hours worth. I hope to get some stitching done this weekend but I'm off to London today to a gig (Skunk Anansie) to see a band I have seen before and really like. I'm seeing them in a venue I haven't been to before so that will be fun and instead of battling the night train I booked a hotel room way back in October! I am pretty excited because the hotel is two minutes (literally) from Paperchase! I will share any purchases next week...hehehe

Sunday I will be hiding in my house and hopefully stitching! But in what? Sampler or Ark? I'm stuck in sampler because now I have to pick a new colour and some of you may remember my sampler colour woes...I am still contemplating frogging the o, p & q on the left-hand side but will most likely leave that till the very end. Colour suggestions welcome! 

Ark wise I am heading towards the elephants as they are large blocks of one colour so great for doing with the TV on.

I hope you all have some fun stitchy things planned :) 

Kate x

3 Feb 2016

Top 10 Tuesdays (on a wednesday! Gulp!) of Phone Apps


So this Tuesday evening course is messing up my Top 10 Tuesdays and I am not organised enough to schedule...but I shall try for next week...

My top 10 favourite apps...in no particular order...

1. Whatsapp - is whatsapp an app? Well it has app in its name so must be!

2. Banking App - it means I can move money between accounts and transfer cash to people if I borrow some when out and I can do it instantly.

3. Meetup - the app that has led to me starting my own creative group and which I am excited about, this means I can stay in touch with the members and keep an eye on any events up coming.

4. Cineworld App - so I can check out what is on at the cinema in case i take a detour from work.

5. Booking.com app - my travel companion and oh so handy! I was going to elaborate but you'd need a good hour and a pot of tea.

6. Feedly App - so I can keep up to date with you guys!

7. Songkick App - so I can keep up to date with my favourite musicians and when they are touring.

8. National Express App - ive found this to be quite handy for check bus times between larger towns (national express is a coach service that quick and easy)

9. Layout App - this app lets me select some photos and create a layout of them. Its very simple and so are the results but I use it for comparisons - and i used it for the last alphabet sampler post.

10. Wildcard! - I don't know what app ten is...but I am looking for one to help me with being organised but that isnt a calendar, or a list app or a reminder app but one that sort of can be manipulated to do all three but my way...what do you mean it doesnt exist? lol! I am off to check Keebs and Tiffs posts to see if they have an app for that....
1 Feb 2016

What in the WIP!

Hi Everyone...it seems I have a Wipology...a certificate in WIPs.

Admittedly it isn't as much as some, such as those who do Crazy January starts or even a YEAR of starts....but I have become quite addicted to Floss Tube of late and rather than worrying me it has inspired me to look at my WIPs and add some stitches. I counted them and I have TWELVE wips! Which is a large amount for me but not too bad…I haven’t included the projects I have but haven’t yet started. 

Why am I telling you this? Well…on Saturday I stitched on one of the WIPs and on Sunday on a different one and I actually quite liked the idea of a daily rotation and so that is my plan…to rotate all my WIPs…but each day all the time I spend stitching will be on that one WIP. I couldn’t possibly remain sane if I was stitching on several for only 15 minutes!

I can’t decide if I should include new starts or if I should not make any new starts till these are done…if I tell myself no new starts then I am pretty sure that I will only want to do new starts so I will play it by ear and if I feel like something new then I shall and if not…WIP away!

Here is my alphabet sampler...top...and beneath is the progress I made. I don't know why I was worried about the purple on the right, I'm loving it now! Lol