Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Five in Five - what's occurin'?

Well, its been a while since I have been tagged in anything and then I wake up this morning to discover that I have been, well, I woke up this morning but discovered the tagging bit not too long ago.

What have I been tagged in? 
Its the Ms Mystery Case: Worth Casing Blog Awards and I was tagged by Sarah at People don't eat enough fudge

What am I supposed to do now?
  • Link back or mention the blogger that nominated you. - done
  • Nominate and inform five of your favourite worth casing bloggers. - ooh! ok...hmmm..**goes off to careful select her less than willing victims**
  • GRAB the Worth Casing Blog Award for your blog post. - done
  • Head to Mystery Case and link up your Five in Five posts. - done
 I am also supposed to answer some questions....are you ready?
1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I started blogging three years ago in September, so in 2011 (God! I'm good at maths..and sooo modest.), which seems to be a popular year for it. I started because I wanted to stitch more and I came across a stitchy blog and wanted to link up to do a challenge. If I knew then what I know now...i'd still of done it!
2. If your wardrobe could talk what would it say about you and tell us about your favourite or most worn item?
Hahaha...my wardrobe would most likely say, what the hell is going on woman, get organised and get sorted and for crying out loud put me together already, do you know how tiresome it is standing up against a wall in the lounge all day and all night? Do you? Just get the decorating finished ASAP. My wardrobe is a bit disgruntled of late. Understandably. My favourite clothing or most worn item...I can't say I have one or any, I tend to have ideas about fashion but when it comes to actually wearing or buying the things i love (see my pinterest board if you dont believe me) I am a coward. I stick to basics but throw in bright colours - I am not pastel friendly. 
3. What's your idea of the perfect date night?
I havent ever been on a date. That sounds sadder than the reality. BUT if I was to go on a date, laughing would be a necessity, and possibly a walk?!

4. What's on your Worth Casing list?
I recently saw a book recommendation that I thought might be worth a look, its a reimagining  of Pride and Prejudice and I am intrigued to read it as its supposed to be very different. Its called Longbourn by Jo Baker.

5. If you had a theme song what would it be and why?
I would love one...what did you have in mind? How about Walking on Sunshine? Upbeat, high energy, retro.

And my nominees are....

Keiley at Keebles World
Laura at Office Mango

Update on Christmas chart giveaway!

Thanks to those four who put in their requests, I am more than happy to see these go to good homes :), and I shall be posting them off tomorrow!

So this is my last ditch attempt to find homes for the remaining magazines and charts....theyre like my babies people..well maybe not...but I hate to see them go to waste and so I am showcasing one here now in the hope that it will find a new home! If you want to see the contents of any of the others still available (see list at end of post) then just let me know! :)

Roll up! Roll up!  Come and feast your eyes on the splendour of Cross Stitcher magazine number 247. Don't be misguided by the seriousness of the cover - its all styling sweetie! - but let me guide you through some of its contents that will have you adding to your WIP in no time at all.

These gift tags are so simple and cute, I know you don't often stitch gift tags, but I can see these adorning simple packages in brown paper tied up with string, they would definitely make an impact. It was a kit that came with the magazine, and I am not sure I still have it but I will have a look! You never know. If rustic is your theme for this christmas then this magazine with this chart is for you.

Again, keeping it simple but this time with a scandinavian theme, these decorations would look good anywhere. They would make a nice gift set and are relatively quick to stitch, and for all those who hate finishing off, these are simple enough. I would probably back them with felt but not stitch fully around, so that there was an opening in the top for you to place some candy.

These are very different as they are quite busy, I like the imitation baubles and the colour scheme is a nice change from red and green or purple and silver.

Not christmas themes at all but they snuck into this issue of the magazine, great little buttons with robots on! If you are a knitter and are looking for a unique finish to a childs jumper then I don't think you can go wrong here.

As a tea drinker and lover, I enjoy having a pot of tea, and this tea cosy would add to any table. I like the linen its stitched on as it adds a touch of class, and the chintz pattern on the tea cup brings some colour. I love nature and birds and so this motif would suit me, you could always just stitch the cup (there is a design for the cup on its own) if you would prefer, and if you are having a special guest over then why not bake a cake and stitch the matching cake band?

Back to christmas for a moment and its these fantastic reindeer, all present and accounted for and each a little different from the next. I love this as a cushion but I also think it would be just as easy to split them up and stitch as decorations or cards or if you have guests for christmas, I can envisage some of these stitched on a band on a guest towel.

More non christmas...vintage style...I think what actually makes this design so pretty is the choice of the blue fabric as it complements the pink flowers extremely well. I am not sure what other people would make or use it for and the picture shows for storing sewing items, I think it would make a nice make-up bag too.

Its christmas again! (Anyone else getting a bit dizzy?) I often see lots of samplers, and lots of christmas samplers on other blogs, but i have yet to see this one. The pink gives it a fresh feel, yet it still has the traditional represented by those trees and the word NOEL, the mice are so cute and oh my god it has cake on it! CAAAAAAAAKE! ... and breathe.

And its not christmas again...lol! These little creatures all walking in a line, all copying the one in front, do remind me of children playing. I think you could make this as a door plaque, a shoe bag maybe, or even a birth sampler simply by adding the extra information.

Its Christmassssssssssss! ... again. Some decorations that look to me to be in a folk style, my eye is instantly drawn to the present (what is it with me and presents! I LOVE presents.) but the angel too is captivating. I even think you could combine these folk styles with the sacndinavian decorations we saw earlier.

This cushion is different...different is good, lets stitch and ice skate. Cross stitcher 246 has the matching cushion to this one as they are a set of two.

The remaining magazines are:

  • Cross stitcher 246
  • Cross stitcher 219
  • Cross stitcher 178
  • World of cross stitching 184
  • World of cross stitching 157
  • Cross stitch crazy 105
  • Cross stitch crazy 132
  • Cross stitch crazy 159
  • Quick and easy 120
  • Quick and easy 136
  • Quick and easy 133
  • Quick and easy 121

and dont forget the pull-out charts! and card charts.

Bye for now :)