6 Oct 2015

Top 10 Things I love about Halloween/Autumn

It's October and the start of the Halloween/Autumn themed posts for Top 10 Tuesdays! Today kicks off with...

Top 10 things I love/hate about Halloween/Autumn (#8)

Remember to check out Keebs and Tiffs lists (see left-hand sidebar for links)! I already have and they have me all aglow with thoughts of Autumn.

Its almost fifty-fifty on the love-hate with love winning out in the end....so here we go...


the leaves changing colour
wrapping up warm
Hot chocolate & marshmallows
an excuse to stay in
rain on window panes

Image result for thumbs down

losing an hours sleep when the clocks change
it getting dark when I am walking to work and home
not being able to sit outside in the fresh air without getting wet or catching pneumonia
getting older!

And a bonus entry! I love Autumn as it's my cats birthday...hehehehe...she likes to lay on the Sky box as it is like a mini heater...but when she gets up for a stretch she ends up changing the channels and turning it off and all sorts..hehehe

1 Oct 2015

October has begun! Update

Hi there!

So it's October already, how did that happen?

I have to admit that I am looking forward to stitching my Christmas Ornament this month and will be starting that when I finish work today :)

The job that I started five weeks ago now is going well, the people are nice, the work is interesting and I am hoping that it will provide me with some challenges. I have been making an effort every day to leave the house looking my best, it's not a requirement for the job and it's very informal so dress is not specified, but I have found that it puts me in a better mood and I feel better when I make the effort and people are treating me differently a little. I wouldn't have believed it but it's true! So I intend to carry on because I am actually enjoying my new found confidence.

That being said I had a moment yesterday, one that some of you may also have had, and it was so embarrassing!

On Tuesday night I had quite a steamy dream about a former colleague, he still works within the organisation, but I have changed departments. Now, he is friendly and well mannered, about 10 years younger than me, and in the two years we worked together we probably said a total of twenty words to one another. Then yesterday, the day after the steamy dream, I was returning to my office after lunch and saw him heading towards me on the same path. I smirked to myself and expected the usual, a smile, a head tilt, eyebrow raise, non-verbal acknowledgement. What I got was not that!

He stopped and started talking to me, opening with, "I didn't realise that was your last week until you were gone!", I smiled and chatted about what had happened and asked about how it was going over there, he said he was really glad that I was back, which was nice and we parted ways. So basically, we said more to each other then that ever before. Funny how that is sometimes, right? But the point of this story is that the whole time he was talking, I was trying not to blush! It was as if he knew what we had been up to the night before or rather the dream version of him and it was that level of awkwardness. I was still cringing for about fifteen minutes after the event! Doh! I have to be careful who I have steamy dreams about now.

In other news, I have decided to visit Manchester for my birthday, and the three days that follow. I have been before but I never really got to visit any of the great architectural buildings there and so that is my plan. I don't know anyone in Manchester and I guess spending my birthday alone may sound a bit sad but I am hoping that it won't be! I will have some stitching to do!

And finally, I am booking tickets this week for the stitching show at Birmingham NEC, it's in November I think....or December...but the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) has lots of halls that run events at the same time. It is really easy to get to for me and I like going there. As well as a stitching show they are having an Art show and a Cake Show, well my mother is the painter and my sister the baker so I am hoping to drag them both along! Are you going?

I also have to decide about nanowrimo plans, will you be taking part, do you want to be cheer buddies?

I hope you all have something fun planned for the month too!

29 Sep 2015

Top 10 Songs of the Summer ! (#7)


I have no IHSW to report on this week as I didn't stitch! My mojo hasn't gone but I have been reading a little and as I can't do both I gave books a turn. Just like stitching they steal time, you think you will read/stitch for an hour and when you think you have been it turns out it was three hours! Eek!

The last topic for Septembers Top 10's are songs of the summer as Autumn is now officially here. In all honesty I haven't listened to much music which is weird for me. So my choices are less songs of the summer and more songs that have been released this year that I like!

Before I start on that I have October's theme and topics ready :)

The overall theme of October will be Autumn/Halloween. For those of you (she says optimistically hoping that some more people will join in the fun) who aren't fans of Halloween then feel free to adapt what you write about to more of an Autumn feel and vice versa. As for me, I love both, and my birthday is in October so its always a time when I need distracting from all the candles on my cake!

So without any more waffling...

6th October: Top 10 things I love/hate about Autumn.

13th October: Top 10 Halloween/Autumn themed charts.

20th October : Top 10 Scary Movies/Books.

27th October: Top 10 Fancy dress ideas.

And here is the Top 10 Songs of the summer (or 2015 so far!)

1. Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon

I just think this song is really catchy and when I am walking to work it gets the blood pumping! :)

2. St Jude by Florence and the Machine

I love Florence and the Machine, her voice is mesmeric and so powerful.

3. Lips are Movin by Meghan Trainor

Isn't summer all about cheesy pop?

4. Take Me To Church by Hozier

This is a video made by a ballet dancer and I just love it.

5. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

Even though I have no desire to read the books or see the film, I do like Ellie Goulding and I really like this song.

6. Hold Back the River by James Bay

Every summer needs a little folk music.

7. Cheerleader by OMI

For when the sun is shining!

8. King by Years and Years

9. Elastic Heart by Sia

10. See you again by Wiz Khalifa

Now I am off to check to see Tiffs and Keebs choices :) Why not join us?

22 Sep 2015

Top Ten Cakes to make you bake! (#6)

Todays theme: Cakes to make you bake.

I have chosen to simply post you pictures of ten of my favourite cakes (cake'ish) that always make me salivate. My tastes are pretty simple and don't get too fancy. I don't actually bake but it is something that I would like to try and do more of over the coming year, so if I can bake one of these then I will consider the next 12 months a success! The jam tarts have to have the softest, buttery, crumbly pastry..mmmm...ok....I want some now! lol 

Don't forget to visit the links to Tiffstitches and Keebles World on the left-hand side and please join in too! 

Later today or tomorrow I will also be posting Octobers Top 10 Tuesday themes.

1. Sticky gingerbread

2. Raspberry almond shortbread cookies

3. Iced buns

4. Strawberry jam tarts

5. Victoria Sponge 

6. Red Velvet cupcakes

7. Classic vanilla cheesecake

8. Lemon & Poppy seed muffins

9. Triple chocolate cake

10. Lemon drizzle cakes

p.s I did read somewhere that 'The Great British Bake Off' is being shown in the US on PBS as something like The British Baking Challenge?? 

16 Sep 2015

Ready for IHSW? an early finish

My plan was simple...devote IHSW to stitching for the Christmas Ornament SAL...and then this happened...

I couldnt resist starting him and well....he ended up finished...and he looks so happy with his friends...

Which means this weekend I have to decide...more work on an existing project or something new! Decisions decision!

Next month the theme is angels and I will be stitching the angel roly-polie that is part of the set.