Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Twelve Days (It takes two): Day 9

Day 9
Ryan and Sarah had been busy all morning making sure that his parents were well taken care of, providing them with a choice of cereal, a variety of fruit juices and smoothies all followed by a full English breakfast. Ryan was quite a good cook and enjoyed it when he was feeling up to it. Sarah had been complaining of bad back pains all morning and he had insisted she put her feet up in front of the TV and let him wait on her.
Sarah being Sarah couldn’t sit still, she just wanted to make sure everything was just so, the last thing she told Ryan that she needed was his parents making subtle remarks about the house or the food or anything.
Ryan had decided that he would take his parents out for lunch to save him any more cooking and washing up duties.
“Sarah…Sarah…SARAHHHHHH” “Stop yelling Ryan, just go and speak to her. Go on. I’m just going to hoover a bit.”
“No…no…you don’t need to do that mum. Just wait. I will speak to Sarah about the restaurant and then maybe we could all go for a walk?”
The last thing that Ryan needed was his mother to start vacuuming, Sarah had predicted it and he had reassured her that his mother wouldn’t, that she would just relax and that she wasn’t finding fault.
He tapped on the bedroom door and peeked around; he was surprised to find that she wasn’t in there.
“RYAN!!! RYAN!!!” Ryan ran towards Sarah’s voice and found her in the bathroom.
“What? What’s wrong? Are you ok? What can I do? Are you stuck?”
“Stuck?! What?! No Ryan, the baby…the baby’s coming!”
Ryan froze.
“Ryan…Ryan…its coming now…call an ambulance, my midwife, for crying out loud, your MOTHER!!”
Ryan could hear Sarah perfectly well, but there was a wiring problem, the words were going in but he just couldn’t seem to tell his body to move.
Ryan’s mother was at the door a few seconds later. Sarah was panting like she had done at the ante-natal classes they had attended, his mother was reassuring her and calming her down, and Ryan was still standing stock still on the bathroom mat.
He was brought back to reality when his mother slapped him round the face and yelled,
“C’mon cheese man, pull yourself together!”