15 Jan 2013

Black Books: Series 1, Episode 2

Series 1, Episode 2 of Black Books Watchalong.

This episode is aptly titled 'Mannys First Day' as at the end of episode 1 we saw him offer to do Bernards accounts for him.

The five scene titles & brief synopsis are:
i.Run Away
ii.Flip The Sign
iii.A Gap In Accounts
iv. Just Browsing
v. Minding The Shop
Manny goes to Frans and she is surprised that Bernard has hired him. We get to see the night before when Bernard hires Manny in the pub which is a really funny scene.  On his first day Manny is proving himself to Bernard but he gets on with the customers and sells lots of books and Bernard says thats not the kind of operation he is running. Manny goes to say goodbye to Fran and she tells Bernard not to sack Manny.


  • Bernard tells Manny that people dont buy books in the morning and at that moment a man walks in wanting to buy a book and wearing an 'I Love Books' t-shirt.
  • Manny tells Bernard that just before his mobile phone rings he gets a sharp pain in his head, so Bernard starts calling him.
  • The shop open and closed sign has closed on both sides.
  • Bernard leaves Manny to look after the shop when he goes out, the customers see Bernard leave and all go into the bookshop.

Best laugh out loud moment

Manny wants to prove that he can sell books and bets Bernard he can sell a book. A customer walks in and Manny says 'hello', and the man turns to him and starts yelling that he is browsing.

Best line

Manny arrives at the shop and Bernard is sleeping on a sofa, Manny wakes him up and... 
Bernard: 'Whats the time?', 
Manny: 'half ten'.
Bernard: 'Half 10, Half 10, I've never been up at half 10.What happens?'

What was your favourite moment? Did you laugh out loud at the customer who was browsing? 

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