6 Feb 2017

Day 10: Have you ever seen a stand-up comedian? Who and how good were they?

Hey there,

So yesterday's post was slightly delayed, and this was because I never had the opportunity to get to a computer and also because when I normally would have (in the evening), I was at the theatre watching...you guessed it...stand-up!

It was a show with just one comedian, as in his show, and it was pretty good. His name is Ross Noble and he is erratic and loves to go off at a tangent.  I guess you would categorise him as doing observational comedy.

Overall I would score him quite highly with a 7/10, there was some silliness that tickled me, but there was some comedy that I found to be lazy. I guess it made everyone laugh so that counts as a win. It wasn't very organised (ad-libbed throughout) and there weren't really jokes. He has been performing for about 20 years though and has been on many TV show comedy panel games. Here is a clip:


  1. Oh I like him too, there are so many funny ones I'd love to see :)
    My favourite would be Michael McIntyre, it's always about everyday stuff, I find him hilarious but have sadly never had the opportunity to see him... just wait for DVDs instead ;)

  2. The late great Bill Hicks was amazing live, very privileged to have seen him, in quite a small venue too. Also, Eddie Izzard who is hilarious and a really nice person too. I went to quite a lot of live comedy in the 1990s but those two are my favourites and I still quote them frequently, much to my son's puzzlement. He's 14, is he ready for Bill Hicks?

  3. This ones easy for me - no! lol


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