31 Jan 2017

Top 5 Tuesday #4: "The last five films you watched"

Hey guys,

How many of you noticed the topic for today is in the right-hand side bar? I put that there last week and will do each week so you can have a head start on thinking about your selections.

In the film world that I reside, the last five films I have seen in order of most recent going backwards...


The First Wives Club - I saw this at the weekend and felt compelled to watch. I remember seeing it when it came out and it is still entertaining now. I am ashamed to admit that my OCD alarm bells went off when they are all wearing various shades of white...off white...cream..ivory..aaaaaagggghhhh!

Here is the trailer for it...


I saw Lion on Friday, it stars Dev Patel, and it based on a true story about an Indian boy who gets separated from his brother, eventually he is adopted by an Australian couple, and this is about his journey home. The children in this are brilliant and really made the film as special as it was. I am still shocked that 80,000 children a day go missing in India...yes...EIGHTY THOUSAND! That's a heartbreaking statistic.


I managed to blag some free tickets to an early showing of Moonlight, another heavy topic, so not my usual film. This one was interestingly made, and although some of the camera effects worked well they were also at times quite distracting. However, its a tale of identity, and here is the trailer...


La La land is movie number 4, i hadn't wanted to see this due to the hype around it and the fact that I had seen the trailer one too many times, but I was going through a soundtrack phase and decided that even if I wasn't seeing the film I would have a listen to the soundtrack. I loved the soundtrack (except the theme tune) and that swayed me into seeing it. Sadly the theme tune was played on a loop throughout, but it was an ok movie. Oscar winning only for the production as that was great.

An issue i had with it was that I liked Ryan Reynolds in it, I liked Emma Stone in it, but I didnt like them in it together. I never saw the chemistry that people claim there was and so was never sold on the love story aspect. I also thought Emma's dancing was stilted in the first half of the movie in the longer dance sequences and wanted her to relax a bit more, it is a musical after all.


Finding Dory was the fifth movie and I am still thinking about that now, and how much I need to watch it again. It was a brilliant sequel to Finding Nemo. I really loved it. What more can I say?

Here is the 'Honest Trailer' for it...I tried to find honest trailers for the others but they havent made them yet, whatever you think of this, if you loved Finding Nemo I think you will love this.

What are the five last films you watched? Leave in the comments if you have blogged today so I will come and check them out.


  1. I missed it! But my post is up now. :) Great list. I'll be watching Finding Dory soon, it's going to show up on Netflix next month.

    1. What!! Yay! I shall be watching that on a loop whilst stitching :D

  2. Another 5 I haven't seen. I'm starting to feel very out of touch! lol

    1. All of them are relatively new so its not you, its me for living in the cinema, heheh. Although first wives club is 20 years old, lol.

  3. Like Bea I haven't seen any of those movies!!! But heard of them except for the 1st one :) I'm overdue a trip to the cinema, I think! Last ones I saw were Fantastic Beasts & Star Wars Rogue 1... now waiting for Lego Batman movie :) Sorry, we're a Lego crazy family!

    1. No apologies needed :) the trailer looked hilarious!


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