17 Jun 2016

Quick update

VHey all,

Just a quick update till the weekend when I have so much to share...

I have finally finished all the black on page 1 of mini LITD, it is a few rows shorter and about a column narrower than the original because I'm resizing to match the ranger. I have started on page two but it is easily 85% black! So that's my weekend stitching plans covered. The one good thing in that stitching blocks of a single colour is much faster and you can get about 300+ stitches done in an hour, unlike confetti which sometimes feels like 15 stitches per hour, lol! 

I forgot in my last post to mention something else I discovered recently...which blew my mind! I just thought wow all this time I have been highlighting wrong. How did I not know this???

Generally, I don't highlight, I go by eye. I often think this may explain some of my hidden errors but I still do that. Page one I didn't highlight and because page two is mainly black I may only highlight that which isn't if that makes sense.

So what I did do in my previous highlighting life was, stitch and then highlight what I had stitched...

What I discovered is...I should highlight the symbol for the colour I'm stitching, fir example every time the symbol is on the page I should highlight this in yellow...then as I stitch I can clearly see where the stitches are to go and once I do them I go over the yellow highlighter in pink. Then the completed stitches are in an orange colour (the yellow & pink combined) and the stitches in the symbol I'm working on are clearly marked in yellow! 

How did I not know to do this? It's the best tip ever. At least it is for me as I never saw the benefit of it but often would find if missed a stitch, this way how can I go wrong?? Lol

Here is a pic of my black so far, apologies if the pic is currently huge but I'm posting via my phone, I shall shrink it down later 😁

Catch you later! 


  1. I use an app to highlight stitching areas and use paper and a colored twist-up crayon to mark off what's finished.

  2. Looking good. I still do the single highlighter, but I can see the advantage of 2 on a dense page.

    1. It was an aha moment Bea, especially with confetti...I can't wait to test it out.

  3. I like the idea of using two highlighters because I also often miss stitches. I may try it on my next project since I have several different colored ones in my stitchy box.

    1. Yes, please let me know how you get on...I can't wait for confetti! lol

  4. Oh, what a great idea!! I'm going to have to try that on some confetti dense projects too. Thank you for the tip.

  5. I do something similar but I use a blue highlighter for the second step... so the "done" stitches are green. Green: good to go!


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