14 Jun 2016

Clinging onto my Mojo!

Hey everyone,

I have been clinging onto my mojo which seems to be dissipating rather rapidly…and not to my liking…basically for the last month I have been picking things up, stitching a bit, putting them back down etc. I have also been RAk’ing and stashing.

I have today decided to try and stitch on a HAED that I bought a month or so ago and started briefly, I was doing really well, stitching all of the black in a column each night but then…I went wrong…and it knocked me off the boil and I abandoned the project. Today, I decided to take it to work to finish frogging…and I was surprised to discover that I had almost finished frogging and there wasn’t that much left and the mistake wasn’t huge. So I am feeling re-inspired.

The chart is called mini A Light in the dark and is pretty much Gandalf from Lord of the Rings and I also hope to one day stitch the companion piece that is called The Ranger (Strider from LOTR). One thing did bug me and that was that the two pieces are different sizes and they are both facing the same way, I have reduced the size of LITD so that it matches that of TR, and I hope to be able to flip the chart for TR so that it faces the opposite direction to Gandalf and then I can hang these two up together. Have any of you ever done that? I vaguely recollect someone having done it with a Mirabilia?

Here is how it will look finished:

Image result for mini a light in the dark

And here is The Ranger...

Anyway, here are some things to note about this project:
  1. I am stitching 2 x 1 on 18ct Aida in cream.
  2. I am using Anchor threads instead of my usual DMC.
  3. I will be using waste knots.
  4. I am going to stitch two handed, on a hoop, and in the fashion of not turning the needle. I saw this tip online and wasn’t convinced that it would make any difference at all. Then I tried it and although I can’t see a difference, when I run my finger over the stitches I can feel a difference.
  5. I will stitch cross country by row – a colour at a time! (and I am starting with black as the top row is predominantly black)

 I am behind still on blogs and that is my target this week - to catch up!


  1. It must be the time of year...I'm having the same issue. I'll have to check into that needle trick though...sounds interesting! I'm getting better about using waste knots and I tend to do them about 80/20 now. To be honest, I can't tell that much of a difference in any method (including the dreaded back knotting). When all is said and done and it's framed, no one sees the back and I've never had issues with knots lumping the fabric, but I'm still "trying" to do better.

    1. I am not bothered by the back because as you say who will see it? Its only important if its not a full-coverage piece in a light fabric.

      We can but try Keebs! :)

  2. Interesting about the needle tip, I'll have to check that out. Both are gorgeous choices and glad frogging didn't take you too long!

    1. I was surprised it didnt, i had remembered it being worse, doh! Let me know what you think about the needle thing.

  3. Just remember when you flip TR to flip the symbol page as well or you'll never figure out what you're doing 'cause the symbols won't match.

    1. Great advice! I hadn't even thought about that, lol!

  4. I have both these minis in my stash and I also noticed they are different sizes. I'll be watching your progress with interest as I'd like to hang my two together as well. But I'm not starting anything new until I've finished something first!!!

    1. haha...ohhh,....are you supposed to finish things? thats where I have been going wrong hehhee


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