5 Jun 2016



So I've been busy trying to make a decision...do you remember how I said that I was going to Canada to celebrate my 40th birthday? 

Well I decided to book the flights! I'm not sure about my itinerary yet but my flights have been booked and I can start planning away. 

As usual I will plan as much as I can and then on arrival...mainly wing it! Lol

So I fly to Vancouver on the 19th September! Then a week later fly to Montreal and two weeks later fly home from Toronto 😁

I'm very excited and welcome and must sees, tips and advice...

I guess it helps to know that I will be travelling solo, I don't drive so will be relying on public transport, my RA means that I don't want to be hiking for over two hours (because then I'll waste time sleeping it off), so as much as I love the outdoors and nature I need to stick to botanical gardens and parks. 

Also as much as I love solo travel there are a couple of things I don't like...

1. Eating alone - so I tend to not eat, I know in America that they put single diners at the bar or some such thing? Is this the same in Canada? I really don't like that. 

2. I always go to bed really early unless I have theatre tickets because going out alone at night is something that I've not got a handle on yet. Ideally a restaurant/bar combo where I would feel comfortable alone but could dine later in the evening would be perfect...if you know of any? 

I'm interested in possible day trips from Vancouver but not sure where is viable as its so large. Also...should I be based in Vancouver and do trips out or is it worth maybe a couple of days there, three days somewhere else and then back to Vancouver for a couple of days? 

I will be travelling from Montreal to Toronto over a two week period and really am open to suggestion on this...


  1. Good for you Kate! Couple of things off the top of my head. Vancouver is a pretty good base, but you should go over to Vancouver Island and spend at least a couple of days in Victoria. Seeing Butchart Gardens alone is worth the trip as is walking around downtown at the harbour and Legislative buildings. And stop at Rogers Chocolates! And in Vancouver go up Grouse Mountain. It's worth it for the view and there is a pretty decent restaurant at the top as well. Check out www.vancouverattractions.com for information on the Capilano Suspension Bridge, horse drawn carriage tours of Stanley Park and other ideas. I eat out alone a lot when I'm travelling and I've never been stuck at a bar. I usually just tell the host/hostess I'm alone and prefer not to be in the centre of the room. Please keep us posted as plans gel.

    1. Buchart gardens does look awesome :)
      Ooh! Chocolate! Mmm I'm definitely noting that down 😁
      Someone I work with also recommended grouse mountain..,I plan to make a list and then see how I can fit it in 😁
      I saw somewhere that the Lynn something park was just as good as Capilano and free?

      I will Bea! I doubt I'll be able to contain my excitement!

    2. I think it's a Vancouver thing to have chocolate hedgehogs too? They're filled with hazelnut truffle if I'm remembering correctly. And Nanaimo bars :)

    3. If you're going to eat hedgehogs, make sure you get the ones from Purdy Chocolates. And Nanaimo bars are a must.

  2. Believe it or not, I don't mind eating alone...what I mind is when others see me eating alone and assume that I'm sad and invite me to join them. That's what I hate, but honestly, I can't ever remember being sat at the bar when I'm alone...I usually get a table.

    I wish I knew how viable the public transport is in Canada...that would be my biggest worry. I guess if all else fails, there's always taxis or ubers.

  3. A trip to Canada sounds fantastic!!
    I have never been there so have no idea of what's what... but that could be the fun of it, part of your adventure :)


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