3 Jul 2015

10 items added to my stash this month! (29)

The penultimate post! Can you believe it? Whad'ya mean YES!

Anyway...over the last four weeks I have been on the look out for things to add to my stash as it was almost non-existent, and now it has grown a little, just a few more things (about 5) and I will not buy anymore until I have finishes to show! But in July (yes, I do know its only the 3rd) my stash has grown by NINE  items...NINE! I have impressed myself with this, however, I did try to get some smalls as I didn't have any of them.

So...lets begin...

1. As you know on the 1st of July my Trick or treat arrived so here is a reminder of that.

2. Then came RAK gift of Aimee Stewarts Impossibilium. Now I say it was an act of kindness...but seriously....have you seen this chart! Sommething crazy, like 67 pages....but I have a plan...oh yes...me and my plans.

Beautiful YES but aye carumba.

Then I decided to get some inspiration from the sewandso Sale in the form of mainly smalls and a medium.

3. Prairie Moon Spring Trainin

4. Mill Hill Bunnies and Birdies

Bunnies & Birdies Chart Booklet

5. Elizabeths Needlework Designs Four Welcomes

Four Seasons Welcome Chart

6. Bent Creek Spooky Row


7. Elizabeths Needleworks Designs Love with charm

Love Chart With Charm

8. Prairie Moon Ram Flower 

9. Primrose by Orchidea - apologies for the shoddy photo but it is based on a painting by Mucho Alphonso - the chart not the photo! lol

10. I don't have anything for number ten.....but...I feel naked knowing that I am one short and am going to look for a mini HAED....watch this space...

Ok...so I never made it to HAED - don't worry I will get there! but I bought a pattern off of Etsy for $1 - its for a small and consists of the Shield/Hydra & Avengers logo...why you ask? well, I saw this biscornu...and thought it looked coooooool!

stitched by http://sheepishwolfie.deviantart.com/


  1. Great stash enhancement! And a huge THANK YOU to you too!!

  2. Excellent choices - great variety of charts and styles.

    1. They are all a bit different and some are not what I might normally choose but I wanted some variety :)

  3. Lovely new stash! Lots of fun to look forward to:-)

  4. You'll have a huge stash pile in no time and 67 pages is nothing in HAED terms but they stitch really fast so it makes it OK! Besides, the large chart patterns take up more pages than the regular ones, so it's actually less than that (I can't see the regular sized charts because they are way too small). And, because the print is bigger, you finish a page quicker than the regular charts and you feel more of a sense of accomplishment because you finished a page when you probably only finished about 2/3's of a regular page.

  5. Gorgeous stash enhancement going on! It was definitely needed :) I love them all, you have great taste!

    1. Thanks :) i was sure it was needed. I just need a few Christmas ones...ehehhe


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