17 Jan 2013

Black Books: Series 1, Episode 4

Today, I prepared myself fully for Black Books, I bought a bottle of wine and drank a nice glass of it during the show. One single glass and yet I feel a bit giddy. I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking as I maybe have one glass a month on average. Anyway, this wasn't one of my favourite episodes but it still had some silly fun moments. As usual Bill Bailey was the source of greatest amusement.

Episode Title

The Blackout


i.Coffee And Cups
ii.The Night Before
iii. What Happened To You?
iv.Nasty And Nice
v.Slightly Indiscreet


Manny has been up all night drinking coffee and watching The Sweeney (a TV cop show), he ends up chasing after a thief who steals an old ladies handbag outside the shop, he catches up with him and then jogs past the mugger. The old lady thinks he is police and he ends up being mistaken for a detective and is taken to the police station and helps interview a criminal.
Bernard goes to his old friends house for a dinner party and when they blank him the next day he racks his brains to try and work out why. He eventually discovers its because he went to the toilet in a wicker chair in their kitchen and as he leaves their house he falls down the steps and breaks his arm and collar bone.
Fran thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her when she sees him with another woman acting tenderly. She ends up following him, getting run over and hurting her neck. Then she discovers that the woman was her boyfriends sister who had lost her job.


  • Manny starts acting like he is in the Sweeney (TV cop show of the 70s).
  • Bernard when drunk has a party trick which is Belly Savalas
  • Manny keeps sitting astride the chairs and subsequently on his manhood.

Laugh Out Loud Moment

For me the funniest laugh out loud moment was Manny at the police station, he spins his chair around and sits  down and then falls backwards off the chair.

Best Line

Bernard: I came to your party, I bought a bottle of wine
Friend: You bought a police woman
Bernard: police woman, bottle of wine, the point is I made an effort

What was your favourite moment? Did you like this as much as the first three? Do you remember it?

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