13 Feb 2012

Getting there :)

Ok, so I did offer a possible prize for any of my followers who guessed all the differences on my last post..only Melissa attempted this and never guessed them all. :(  I guess if I had wanted more answers I should have put giveaway in the title, but that's not my style! lol

I did stitch a lot of yesterday and am slowly making some more progress, which should definitely be obvious! lets have a look...



I am hoping that all the mistakes are not too obvious. It would seem that when I started this about 8 years ago that I was unable to count! When I do the backstitch, that is when it will be the most tricky.

On a theme - my sister, nieces and I went to a Chinese restaurant near us to try out the food. It had been a long time since we were last there and we had booked it for my mums 60th. The arrangements of which are well under way. We now have the venue booked, the cake design sorted (my sister will be make it), we bought the bits for the birthday favours that we wanted to do (chocolate, yum!), the invites are supposed to go out today, my sister and I decided we would cover the cost of the meal (so I better start saving) and hopefully there will be about 25 of us there.

After spending the day with my nieces, the youngest one seemed very happy!!

How cute, and what great teeth! no? When I got home I noticed the Lily we have in our kitchen was starting to open...

The weather has warmed up but the paths were like an ice rink still, but walking in to work this morning I took this pic....the start of a new day!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I am off to stalk! lol



  1. Oooooh, miss the part about guessing the differences.... Doh!!! No guessing needed on this post, you've gotten so much done! :D

    Oooooh, Chinese food, yummy.... You should take pics and share. ;)

    Awww, you little niece is darling and what a fantastic surprise to come home to. The flower is gorgeous and wow, what a view for your morning. Love it!!

  2. It's a gorgeous piece and I can't see any mistakes! Have a great stitchy weekend. X


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