20 Feb 2012

So very very close to a finish!


I hermitted away this past weekend due to my deadline looming.  Thanks to Joysze for hosting it once again :D

I had hoped to have finished all the stitching and have only the backstitch left and I was sooooo close. However, my eyes refused to stay open and my head was missing my pillow, and I had to stop. I have about 40 stitches left! Yes, that's right....40! I am still not sure that you can see a difference, lol!

I am surprised that it has been taking me so long but the combination of the confetti and working round the mistakes have dragged it out.  I like how it looks and I know the backstitch will make it all better even though that is not going to be an easy task.  You cant see the errors and I think you would only notice them if you had the pattern and went through with a fine tooth comb, but seriously, I must have gone wrong and decided not to frog, then gone wrong again and still not frogged and so on. I wont draw attention to all the mistakes changes that have been made but suffice to say flowers were moved!!

I will cease gabbling and post some pics.....



Here's to a finish tonight and the start of the backstitch! I'm off to check out everyone elses :D



  1. Oh, Kate you are soooo close. I'm looking forward to the official Happy Dance. She is just stunning!!

  2. Wow, she's already beautiful, really looking forward to seeing her finished with all the backstitching in place, I bet she'll be gorgeous! Wishing you fleet and accurate fingers for the rest of this project. :)

  3. Wow! She is looking great! And once the backstitching is in, she will look beautiful! Have fun finishing her :)

  4. Looks great Kate...you are so close!

  5. Congrats! At least one of us has our mojo back!

  6. She looks lovely. Bet she's be stunning when the backstitching is done.

  7. I don't see no nothing but PERFECTION!! :D

  8. aw, Kate you can totally see a difference! Changes or not, she looks wonderful!


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