9 Feb 2012

OMG..I did it! and Spot the Difference

That is not entirely true! lol

But I did start stitching again, first those 80 stitches at the weekend which Di was so kind about, and then a little more on Tuesday when I realised my deadline was looming and then some more last night! Can I keep this up! I hope so as I want to have finished by next week.

Oddly, it doesn't actually look like I have made any progress at all, so its a bit of a game of Spot the Difference.

The Before....


It looks like I have only stitched in one general area but actually have stitched in 5!!

I hope everyone is having a good week - I am so glad its nearly Friday and the weekend. Need to stitch!

EDIT: I wish I had a prize to offer for the person who can guess the most! Maybe I do ;) Sorry about the poor quality pics :(


  1. So I stared at the before and after pictures, and finally I had to enlarge them to spot the differences-lol. I saw a little work on the bottom, right side of the dress, and her left sleeve? Great job!

  2. I'm glad one of us is stitching this week! I haven't touched a needle all week! Good for you!

  3. HAHA!!!! You picked her back up. Super duper awesome, Kate!!! Oh, man, just look at those colors... they're to die for, and your pics are just fine. You're really making me wanna start her too. Quick quick, stitch more on her so I can drool. :D


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