5 Dec 2011

Who is up for some more dancing?


On my last post we danced the night away because I had received a beautiful tree pillow in the Santa exchange that I done with Tiki.

Well, today she has posted that she has received my exchange! I am pleased as I was starting to worry that it wouldn't arrive.

The design i used was taken from a cross stitch cards magazine but I changed the colours (used the ones I had) and made it more sparkly.  I didn't opt for Christmas fabric as I have none in my stash (its shameful, I know) but I fond some that I thought was a rich enough colour.  I am happy with how it came out but obviously wish it was a lot better but all things I have learnt for next time! providing I do another one - it was hard to get an exchange partner this time. So if anyone would be interested in doing one in the new year then drop me a line :)

So, without further ado I will show you some photos I took before sending and if you like you can pop over to Tiki Stitches and see her photos.

On a not so happy note....ALL my good intentions went to pot AGAIN - I really shouldnt plan anything - and I never got the stitching I had hoped done, I didnt even pick up a needle! So today I am going to get off the computer and stitch like a crazy lady :)

I hope you all have a great day!

Kate x


  1. I love the pig santa :) Have fun stitching!

  2. That's such a lovely package for Tiki, Kate. :D

  3. That pig santa is so cute!! Wonderful job :-)


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