24 Jan 2017

Top Five Tuesday #3 - Romantic charts

Hey there

This week I have decided to pick 'romantic charts' as the theme. I know some people don't 'do' valentines or aren't particularly bothered by romance and for those people please feel free to interpret romance in your own way.

So here goes...

1. February in my Durene Jones calendar and I will stitch on the first of February and quite possibly tweak it a little as I did with January.

2. This is a quote from Jane Austen, it make me laugh because i believe it to be such a hilarious notion...but its still a little romantic and I am using it to represent all book/film quotes about love.

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen vintage look romantic quote cross stitch pattern PDF, digital download, easy, charted, floral.:

3.Cover Art. I saw this and although I would never stitch it, I would hang it in my house, why? because its super cheesy and would always bring a smile to my face.

Image result for art romantics

4. Wedding designs, generally I am never really convinced and find them a little twee, i know i know, i do realise i just said number 3 above, but when it comes to wedding designs I prefer the more modern and simple designs like this...and possibly put the date and initials somewhere in the design.

Image result for cross stitch romance etsy

5. My favourite romantic couple...easily Beauty and the Beast...but although I have a small Kinkade one to stitch its not my favourite thing to work on...so i have searched and searched for the perfecct chart of them and this one is the best I could find for me....

Image result for cross stitch beauty and the beast

well thats my five :) I am off to see the others....links coming soon...

p.s I have a little romantic design of my own...which I will hopefully stitch in time for valentines :)


  1. Great idea! I'll see what I can find and get my post up as well.

    1. I look forward to seeing your choices :)

  2. Nice chooses. I really like the Beauty and Beast one. Can you tell me the designer please?


  3. Interesting choices. #3 makes me smile, but then I grew up watching swashbuckler movies and I still think they are the best escapist stories ever.

  4. Lovely post Kate!
    I had to laugh about the Jane Austen quote ;)

  5. Great post. I love the swirly heart one, that is definitely my style.
    I have a long list of Heart and Valentine freebies on my blog ready for the Secret Stitching Sweetheart if anyone wants to check them out.

    1. OOh, that sounds cool...I shall pop over there for a peek :)


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