17 Jan 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays #2: Travel Charts


When I came up with this idea I thought it might be quite tricky, but after a lengthy five minutes of mentally going through my WIPs I realised I have five travel themed WIPs!

Then another five minutes spent thinking about my stash and I realised I had about three in my stash and a further five minutes led me to realise I have a lot more on my wishlist, so how best to cover this?

In the end, I have gone for designers/companies etc.....so without waffling on much more...

Chatelaines....oh these are truly things of beauty and one day I will do one, but I definitely would need a scroll frame in order to do so and I would need a really good goal to motivate me, thinking about it though the end result is pretty motivating..here are a few..

Aren't they beautiful? Google them and you will see some close ups of finished stitched versions, they contain cross stitch and specialty stitches and beading.

In true Kate fashion the next choice is the polar opposite of the above, and my choice is the stitched versions of Vintage Travel Posters...such as these..(the link is to a site of all things vintage travel)...

Image result for cross stitch vintage travel postersImage result for cross stitch vintage travel postersImage result for cross stitch vintage travel posters

Country Cottage Needleworks has a series, currently London, Paris, Rome and ...erm..hmmmm?

I have three of these to stitch, but not Rome as I have decided to only do those that are places I have visited, what is that fourth one called? ......New York! doh!

Image result for country cottage needleworks cross stitch patternsImage result for country cottage needleworks cross stitch patternsImage result for country cottage needleworks cross stitch patterns

I have started this one and I shall post an update soon when I stitch a little more than a bike...hehehe.

I also like the idea of stitching a map, but finding one that I like is proving more difficult than you would think, and I prefer simple to too much fuss...something like this...but not this...but like this...hehhe

Image result for cross stitch map

And finally, I do like the underground maps - the London underground but also the new york metro and all and every train map that is made of those multicoloured lines. As a traveller, I spend a lot of time on holiday looking at these. Again, finding something just right isnt so easy but these are pretty good..

Image result for cross stitch tube map

Image result for cross stitch metro

What would you choose? Do you have any travel or country specific charts in your stash?


  1. Those are all great! I find it weird to stitch somewhere I've never been or else I'd have a ton of England/Scotland charts (although I do have some). I've looked at numerous map charts too, but most are Disney-related!

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  3. Great post Kate. I love the Grand Canyon one. I went to that site but could not find it. Is it from a different site?


    1. Hi Linda, sorry yes it is, go to etsy and heritage chart :)

  4. Great choices! I like the Metro maps and if I ever stitched one it would likely be Montreal.

    1. Ooh yes, one I've been on too! :)

  5. Like your choices. Funny, in spite of the travelling I've done, I really don't have any travel based/themed charts.

    1. i have quite a few, where is your favourite place?

    2. I spent 5 weeks in Zambia with a friend who was teaching in a school in a village called Choma. It was over their Christmas break and the memories are still vivid, especially Victoria Falls.

  6. Great choices! I have travelled but haven't stitched anything from those places yet...

    1. heheh...yet...sounds ominous! Where has been your favourite place?

  7. Great theme. I'm not really a traveller myself (my sister does it all for me!).
    I have:
    1. Chatelaine Gardens of London
    2. Satsuma Street - Pretty Little London, Paris and Italy, Pretty Mini London, Paris and New York
    3. Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland)
    4. Clovelly in Devon
    5. Lyndisfarne Designs - Map of the Discworld.
    I have visited all these places except Italy. OK, the Discworld is visited every night in my reading but it's still real to me!

    1. Discworld counts! :D Such great choices too.


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