1 Jul 2016

July goals

July, July...I have some stitchy goals and they are as follows...

Project #1
Game of Thrones Cross Stitch Chart Pattern - Sigils - Houses Stark Targaryan Baelish Tyrell Greyjoy Lannister Baratheon Arryn Nights Watch

This pattern is a Game of Thrones pattern which I got from Etsy store: 

Its for a friend and I have a deadline - Uh Oh! - of 22nd July...only it has to be framed and ready to give on that day. I am hoping that I will be able to get it all stitched this weekend. Admittedly, that is a bit ambitious but I started in the middle and have done the fifth motif and a petal on the 4th and that was just an hour or so last night.

I did buy another Game Of Thrones chart for a a Sampler but I don't have enough time for that one so its going in my stash with  the other chart I bought this week which is also a sampler...

Game of Thrones Sampler (also from Etsy)

Game of Thrones "Stark Sampler" Chart/Pattern for Cross Stitch

And then...Long Dog Sampler...Death by Cross Stitch is also joining the stash...

I couldn't resist!

Project #2

I have decided to add another SAL to my list and its Lakeside Needleworks Durene Jones Fantasy SAL. The border chart has been received and I am intending to stitch it on Polstitches Blue Moon fabric, which I am being told is too dark and may clash so of course it makes me more determined to use that one, lol! I actually don't think it will be that bad....but watch this space as I could easily change my mind...in a heartbeat!

Project #3

I have long wanted to challenge myself to learn how to do parking and have decided to join in with the HAED challenge three, not least because its deadline is my birthday! Whoop! I bought some Magic Guide fabric for it, so just need to decide on the chart. it will either be Treasure Hunt bookshelf....

Treasure Hunt Bookshelf

or....Panthera Leo Lion which I have fallen in love with...

Panthera Leo Lion

They are both quite different, lol!

and Project #4

I shall be trying to finish all the black on the top row of a mini A light in the Dark..

Other goals, plan Holland (only four weeks to go!)


  1. Great choices for July. I love the GoT designs and the two Etsy shops.
    I vote for Treasure Hunt Bookshelf for the HaED challenge, love those colourful designs.

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking the GoT motifs will look great in a frame and stitched on evenweave 28ct.

  2. Love the new charts, especially the Long Dog. I have several of their charts n my stash. I'd do the bookshelf as well, thinking it might be easier to park with distinctive colours. Leo is gorgeous though.

    1. I think you may be right about the bookshelf, I do so love Leo though, lol! I may just need to get it for a cross country challenge - like i need an excuse!

  3. wow! some lovely charts there. The bookshelf is stunning

    1. Thanks Ele, my small stash is growing, and the bookshelf is nice but daunting.

  4. Do me a favour and stitch the fantasy Sal on whatever fabric you want. It's starting to bug me this whole "the fabric is too dark". Especially when they're saying it on wip photos, the stitcher obviously likes it so why can't they move past the fabric and cheer them on?! *sorry, rant over.* Good luck with the deadline :)

    1. Hahahahah...well I never...in that case I'm stitching on white! lol Just kidding, I will stitch it on the fabric I have chosed, all the colours look ok and I can swap out any I want, I dont think its a policed SAL. But yeah, I like the variety or else everyones will be identical.

      The deadline is looking doable!

  5. Have fun stitching on all these beautiful projects :)


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