29 Apr 2016

[AtoZChallenge] Y is for...Yak

Yak is a character in the latest Disney Movie 'Zootropolis'...or Zootopia...Its called Zootropolis here but the film is the same.

He is a hippy at a spiritual centre I think! The flies that constantly fly around his head really annoy me, but I like his scene in the movie with the elephant yoga teacher.

Zootropolis – Scopriamo i personaggi e i doppiatori del film Disney:

Hehe...totally zen...

There isnt a lot of stuff about this at the moment, not in terms of crafts, its probably a little too knew and has kind of had a mixed reception. I liked it a lot but it lacked Disney imho.

I actually do have about three Disney Vinylmations from blind boxes I bought in Disney World, this is quite a good one though...

Yak from the  movie #zootopia #disneyvinylmation:

And I like the idea of these as Christmas Ornaments especially as the characters arent even dressed for christmas,..

#Christmas Review Disney Zootopia "Judy Hopps & Yak" 2 pc Ornament Set for Christmas Gifts Idea Stores . Christmas  is often a beautiful season, however let's be honest: It can also be nerve-racking along with means over-stimulating in case you have the mil things to do and the ones to view. We now have ...:

And lastly...check out these Zootropolis tsum-tsums...

Zootopia Tsum Tsum Series Coming In February:

Have you seen the film? What did you think?


  1. I've not seen the film but Yak looks cute :)

    1. I would say its worth seeing on DVD, the story is good as I could imagine action hero actors in the roles.

  2. I've seen the film & loved it!!
    The yak scene was funny but my favourite remains with Flash the sloth at the DVLA kind of centre, HI-LA-RIOUS :)

  3. I've preordered the movie and just got word this morning that it's coming out first of June, but I have yet to see it...I tried to get Am to go while we were in Disney World (since it was its premiere weekend), but she wasn't having it!

  4. I haven't seen it, but flies do hover all over yaks from what I've seen at the local animal safari.

  5. Haven't seen it either - not even sure if it's shown up at our theatre.


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