26 Apr 2016

[AtoZChallenge] V is for..Venom

Ok, so when the letter ‘V’ came up I was like…uhhhhhm…and then the first ‘V’ I thought of was Venom. Venom is a character in Marvels Spiderman. Spiderman is by far, hands down, no doubt, my absolute favourite Superhero and has been since forever. Who is yours?

My niece Ebony likes to tell me all the things I like (she is 4) and the list is this…Pluto, Belle, and Spiderman. If she see’s anything with anyone of these characters on she very proudly tells me about it and then tells me that she will buy it for me for my birthday/Christmas! I am so excited for my birthday J All the toys I will get! Lol Ebony is obsessed with Shopkins, she loves them, recently I saw that they do shopkins dolls and I have to say I was excited! Hehehehehe

Anyway, back to ‘V’ and Venom, Venom was originally a supervillain but has morphed over the years (since his debut in 1988) into an anti-hero. He is a really creepy symbiote and merges with other characters in some gooey substance but less about that and more about what lovely crafts/gifts you can make/give that represent this character.

This is a great (yet expensive) Funko Pop of Venom merging with Spiderman.

Marvel Disney Venom Spiderman Custom Funko by MikousCollections:

Ooh! These nails look amazing :D

Venom Nail Art by The Nailasaurus:

And look at this art work, I had to include it as we have had Stitch already...

Venom + Stitch = The most awesome super alien EVER:

And lastly, something crafty for the keen gardener...

Venom Spiderman Villain Painted Flower Pot Marvel Spider Man on Etsy, $16.00:


  1. 'he has morphed over the years' - so, would that make him an anti-venom??? :)

  2. I'm a Captain America girl, through and through.

  3. Cool black stuff! Reminds me of dark matter. Love those nails!

    1. They must take ages to do, ah well I am not sure I could paint them on myself.

  4. Very good choice. I'm a big Spiderman fan as well, from the original cartoon, whose theme song I tend to sing when I'm not thinking about anything, to the 90s? cartoon that I watched faithfully and the Tobey Maguire movies. Of course they also featured Bruce Campbell, so that's a bonus too.

    1. I am not a fan of Tobey Maguire as Spidey, I preferred Andrew Garfield, maybe because the character was more sarcastic but i didnt like all the blubbering! lol

  5. Replies
    1. nana nana nana nana...Batmaaaaaan!

      I struggle to work out how Batman isnt Iron Man and i dislike them both equally :D

  6. Sorry, it's another "who???" from me. LOL


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