23 Apr 2016

[AtoZChallenge] T is for...Timon

Timon was the first Disney 'T' that came into my head, he is the meerkat in The Lion King. I think the reason it was in my mind is because there was a reference made to it recently in one of my favourite shows, 'Brooklyn 99'.

Free Disney's Timon and Pumba Clipart and Disney Animated Gifs - Disney Graphic Characters Brought to You by Triplets And Us

Timon is Pummbaa's best frend and they make quite the hilarious duo.

Here are some Timon related crafts and/or items. I say and/or because I think his FUNKO is pretty cute...

Pop! Disney: The Lion King - Timon | Funko:

And a fun looking smoothie that I think both kids and adults would like...

Lion King: Pumbaa & Timon's Bug Sludge Smoothie Recipe:

And lastly....for when you are struggling to decide whether you should or shouldn't wear makeup...


Are there three Lion King films? Have you seen any/all?


  1. Timon is a funny character.

  2. Saw the original one and loved it. Timon was a fun character.

  3. Definitely seen this one, but not the others. Great choice!

  4. I still think that The Lion King 1 1/2 is my favorite Lion King movie!

  5. This is a great movie. I love the music. I think the whole Circle of Life thing is really well done. And James Earl Jones voice - well that is a total plus


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