21 Apr 2016

[AtoZChallenge] R is for…Remi

Remi is the rat chef in Ratatouille. Now, I like the food ratatouille although I prefer only a small amount or else the aubergine can get a bit too auberginey and the courgette can be too courgettey, do you know what I mean?

Anyhoo, it took me a good long while to see this film, it was released in 2007, and for some reason the trailer didn’t win me over. Big mistake! As I do really like Remi as a character and the film is an easy watch.

It is set in Paris - of course I love Paris – and is a tale about following your dreams and going against expectations if that’s where your heart leads you…or at least that was the message I got from it. I think it may have played a fair bit on the cliché frenchness but it is done well. There is a Ratatouille ride in Disneyland Paris that had just opened when we went there but we never went on, it was far too popular and hard to get on, but I did watch the movie again as a consolation.

Remi is this guy…

Ratatouille (2007) • Directors: Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava • Writers: Brad Bird (screenwriter), Jan Pinkava (original story) • Stars: Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt:

Now for some stuuuuuuff! I feel I should be looking for foodstuffs as thats kinda what the film is about...lets see now shall we...

Have you got a spare half hour to whip up a quick cake?


Nah! Me neither! Impressive cake though...if you need to impress someone...

How about just making ratatouille and throwing a checked table cloth on the table?


And lastly.....a quote...


Do you like the messages in Disney movies? Do you like this one?


  1. Another one I haven't seen, but seems a good one.

    1. With your love of cooking I think you would like it :)

  2. I have to agree that Ratatouille is a silent great!

  3. I enjoyed Ratatouille as well.

  4. Love them both: movie & food :)


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