15 Apr 2016

[AtoZChallenge] N is for...Nemo

Some of you may have read my post A is for Aladdin and will recall that I wasn't crazy about the film, mainly due to having to watch it on a loop when babysitting. Finding Nemo was my eldest nieces favourite movie and for about six months that was all she watched and for some reason when I think of Finding Nemo I do so fondly.

Here is the little guy...

It is a nice children's film. I like in particular, the sea turtles!

Now, I thought I'd shake up crafts a little and show you this Finding Nemo themed outfit! 

As a lover of orange, all things orange and an avid wearer of orange...I really did expect so much more! Lol I like the ballet pumps that's all :( 

So onwards and upwards...

This is a pretty cool snow globe...I mean..,does it snow under the sea? Hmmm...

These are handmade so they count as a craft...and I love them...

Will you be watching the next film...finding dory? Did you like this one? 


  1. Such cute pics. I love Nemo. Now I'll have to watch it again. That's Sunday afternoon planned :)

    1. Hi Nicola, yes it is such a lovely film, at the same time she was also mixing it up with just one other film...Monsters inc! Another great one :)

  2. I would have to say that Nemo is probably my favorite Pixar movie (although not my favorite character - that is reserved for Mater).

    1. Heheh...he is a good character as well as Nemo!

  3. OF course I will be watching Finding Dory - I do love this story and the important message to all us parents. I guess I read a lot into the Disney movies...


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