25 Mar 2016

Day 24 March Madness


Yet another busy days. My mother is still in the hospital and will be for Easter weekend :( so I am spending a lot of time visiting and very little doing much else (between that and work) but day 24 was a HAED WIP, faces of faery 66.

This is where I left off...and this is where I got to...

A very small progress down there in the brown.

Day 25 is hopefully going to be a bit better, I have a long list of chores today but I'm hoping to stitch whilst watching the Hunger Games (not seen before!),

I hope you all have a good Friday and I'll catch up later 😊


  1. Your stitching is lovely, as always!
    So sorry that your mom is still in the hospital. Sending best wishes that she can go home soon:)

    1. Thank you Annie, that's nice if you to say :) in hoping she'll be out on Tuesday the latest x

  2. Faery looks terrific and best wishes that your mom will be out early next week. So sorry she could not be out for Easter.


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