23 Mar 2016

Day 23 March Madness


Bank holiday is upon us and an opportunity to catch up with all my blogs. 

My mum is still in hospital and likely to be kept in until next week, we find out tomorrow about her echo results and if they will be moving her to another hospital. 

I did stitch during my lunch break today but didn't get much done...five stitches? I think. 

It was a new Halloween start (some of you will recognise it) and I have started it on black fabric. I originally wanted a different colour but couldn't decide what I liked best and although I may need to tweak the colours of the back stitching, I decided black would be best.

Here is what the finished piece should look like...

And here is where I am up to...

Tomorrow is a WIP! 


  1. Very brave to stitch on black and fingers crossed your mom's results will be good.

  2. I find black a pain to work on, but I always love the results, so I keep choosing it. That is going to be stunning.

    1. I agree, it's my third project on the black and although it's tougher it can look great with a good design.


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