17 Mar 2016

Day 17 March Madness


Now I know I said March would be mad but I didn't quite expect it to be like this!

I am now back in the UK and shocked to see that it's Day 17. In the end I took one project away with me and that was the Paris project that was gifted to me by Keebs. I did stitch on it most days but it's one of those projects that shows slow progress as its confetti heavy. But I am loving stitching on it and it's a shame to put it down but I am going to and I will pick up today's stitch soon. 

As a reminder... Here are the projects I stitched on from Day 1-7...

And here is Paris as I left it....

And here is Paris now...

I am happy to be back and I think Muse is happy to have me back as she has been following me everywhere I go! 

Tonight I am taking a short road trip to Wales...yes! That place I said I had never been too?! Fate has stepped in and is sending me there to collect my nieces puppy. So keep an eye out for puppy pics when I get back, along with pics of Tenerife too...if you can bear it and yes, I'll try and take some pictures of Wales beautiful valleys. 

I am aware that I am behind on my Top Fives but remember to check the links on the left as Elliptical Man has also joined as these past two weeks! Go look 😊 and Tiff and Keebs too x

I also did not prepare for April, so to say that I have a lot to do in the next three days (as well as a creative group meeting on Sunday) is an understatement...wish me luck, I shall need it. 

Just in case you are curious...this is today's stitch project now I'm back to a rotation...

It's the alphabet sampler! 

Here is it as of now...I will update this post this evening with my progress pic...

Bye for now! 

Kate x


Tiny progress as I was distracted by this little feller!


  1. I hope you had fun and that's fate for you. :) Enjoy your trip to Wales!

  2. You made good progress on Paris and I'm pleased to see the Alphabet back - it's so rich looking.

    Enjoy your trip to Wales.

    1. I do like the alphabet too, I'm not a fan of stitching on black but for the right project it can be good.

  3. They can be quite a distraction, can't they?

    1. Yep! But soooooooooo adorable!


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