1 Mar 2016

Day 1 of March Madness UPDATED


You may be wondering why I am posting this before stitching, but its best as I may be late with the update pic due to my course tonight, but remember to come back about midnight GMT for the update on my progress.

So as promised....here is my box of stitches...

Not such a glamorous box but its about A4 in size and 6 inches deep, 12 if you tape the sides up as I have done, and away we go!


This piece is a WIP, its one that I remember starting soon after I started my stitchy blog - does anyone remember Momuboocrea Island? Anyway, back then I had seen a lot of new style stitches and I may be mistaken but I believe it was pre-Etsy! I decided I wanted to stitch something different, non traditional and maybe a little out there. At the time I was watching a lot of Tattoo shows - I have no tattoos - but I love to watch those shows (I am more than a little addicted to Tattoo Fixers) anyway I came across a book of Cross Stitch based on the designs of a famous traditional style tattoist (and now trendy clothier) Ed Hardy.

I looked through the book last night and was confused as to why I picked this design over all the others, but I did! It might not be your cup of tea design wise and the reason I stopped stitching it was due to the white! I hate stitching in white. All these stitcher's who say they love it, need to be taken to an exorcist ;) although I do love stitching in blue?? Off topic...but anyway...where was I ...oh yes...anyway...this is the sketch of the design...

....and this is my progress to date and where I will be carrying on from today...I have about 2 hours available in which to stitch! lol

Its on 14ct Aida in cream and I can't remember the last time I stitched on 14 count...probably on this...right...laters potatoes!

The update is early because instead of my course today I have been in hospital with my mother 😕 long story but hopefully will all get sorted. It did mean that I still didn't stitch as much as I wanted. 

Here is where I am leaving it today...

Happy stitching folks! See you tomorrow for a NEW start!! 😁


  1. Wow I love it
    Sweet stitches x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! You do know I'm only as half as mad as you? Hehe

    2. Nice progress and that makes me think of Queen "I'm Going Slightly Mad"

  3. There is nothing worse that stitching white on white or white-adjacent color...it's the worst! But great start to your challenge.

    1. Thanks and yes! White aaaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!!!

  4. That's very different from your usual style and excellent progress. Good start to the month.

    1. Thanks, any progress is progress I guess! I hope I find some time for today's!

  5. I have that book too. How do you find the backstitch? I thought the charts were really badly designed with the thick black lines covering up so many of the symbols.

    1. I just make it up, it's only outlines so it doesn't matter too much if it's not identical to the pattern 😁


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