30 Jan 2016

Howdily doodily you fine folks?


Its a Saturday and here I am about to announce Februarys Top 10 schedule!!

Feel free to join in :) and as a special extra I have a progress picture of my Frosted Pumpkin Passport Pals.

I have only the flag pole and the clock hands left (other than the borders and the wording...hehe...but I wanted to get the image done in time for the February part on Monday. Other than changing the skin colour and tweaking the flag to be more jack like, I do intend to add some of my own backstitches. Hopefully they won't be detrimental but we shall see!

Aaaaaanyway.....February's Top 10 Tuesday themes are.....

2nd:  Top 10 Phone Apps
9th:   Top 10 things you would do if you won the lottery (£75 million)
16th: Top 10 Movie Heroes
25th:  Top 10 YouTube Channels that you find yourself watching


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! I should have taken it out of the bag and turned the light on...doh!

  2. I've been threatening for a couple of years to do a Frosted Pumpkin stitch and you're just making me want to even more!

    1. I am really keen to make a few tweaks and once i stitch paris I will but I need the right thread - hehe - come on Keebs join in ...although I do like the fairy tale ones too...so tempting :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Tiff! Its cute. Ive seen a few variations already and I like that their will be lots of the same but different.


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