26 Jan 2016

Top 10 Tuesdays: Careers I would love/hate to have.

Some five years ago I think, about six months after the birth of my blog, I participated in my first A to Z and it was a careers based list. Very short blog posts in a humorous manner about careers I had contemplated (some seriously and some fancifully) and oddly since that time I have dabbled in almost all of those – Maybe this years A to Z will be an update? Anyway, todays Top 10 is about careers I would love or hate or even love to hate, hate to love? I’m not sure. Interpret it anyway you see fit and please take part!

Keebles and Tiffstitches deserve your attention on their lists so be sure to go and check them out straight after you leave here…unless you came from there, in which case…welcome…but anyhoo!

1. Music Journalist

This is my current aspiration. Why? Because I realised I do love to write and I love music so why not combine those two and do something I love. I am not even concerned about making money doing it because I love it so but that would definitely be a bonus! I am currently doing a short course in it (its only been a week) and already I feel slightly out of my depth and lacking in confidence! I know what a way to start but one thing I also feel is super excited and happy and am so pleased that tonight is lesson two. I know it will be a steep learning curve but that’s half the fun.

2. Author

I know that I have written some things, and recently I have read them, and apart from the fact that they are like weird premonitions (maybe I will tell you about that one day) but I do have a voice/style and I am not entirely sure that I like it. The dream career would be part time music journalist and part time author. Or can I say a better author? Yeah. That would be good.

3. Dancer

I always say dancer, maybe it’s because I love music and flinging my body around the house, but to be able to do this gracefully or with any level of style would be dreamy. The RA makes it less likely that this will happen but I think I could line dance,..hehe…not sure that’s a career!

4. Project Manager

Admittedly, some of you (myself included) are raising an eyebrow at this but I would like to manage a project. Preferably, this would be within a company that is a charity or not for profit organisation.

5. Small Business Owner

I have always wanted to work for myself and the jobs listed so far sort of reflect that, I like to have autonomy over my work, and the freedom to be creative even when organising stuff. I am not sure which small business but maybe some of the careers to follow may reflect that.

6. Event Planner

I like the idea of event planning, because I like having a project with an end result, event planning more so because it’s a party at the end and its both something office based and on location.

7. Stationery Designer

I love stationery, paper chase is one of my favourite shops on the planet, and I would love to design my own line.

8. Cattery Manager

Ok, so I do like cats, I do also think that to live with more than two/three MAX might freak me out. But I also think pets need to have a good place to stay when their owners travel and I would like to spend my days stroking and playing with them, lol! Obviously not changing the cat litter! Heheheh

9. Some sort of data analyst

I like numbers, I like data, I like patterns and spreadsheets….please don’t disown me!

10. Criminal Minds Show assistant

I am not too bothered which job, as long as it involves me hanging out with my boys Shemar and Matthew and talking to their experts about crime (fodder for future novels!).


  1. Great list! It's much more inventive than mine. :) I hope you can aspire to one or some of these.

  2. I like your job list too! Not sure about the last one though.
    I do enjoy data analysis so maybe doing surveys and analysing the responses would be fun. And making charts to show the results!

  3. I've done the project management thing. It was a good job but not the sort of thing I could get passionate about.

  4. Oooohhhh patterns! I just hate randomness!

  5. That's quite the range of careers. thanks for an interesting list.


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