6 Oct 2015

Top 10 Things I love about Halloween/Autumn (#8)

It's October and the start of the Halloween/Autumn themed posts for Top 10 Tuesdays! Today kicks off with...

Top 10 things I love/hate about Halloween/Autumn (#8)

Remember to check out Keebs and Tiffs lists (see left-hand sidebar for links)! I already have and they have me all aglow with thoughts of Autumn.

Its almost fifty-fifty on the love-hate with love winning out in the end....so here we go...


the leaves changing colour
wrapping up warm
Hot chocolate & marshmallows
an excuse to stay in
rain on window panes

Image result for thumbs down

losing an hours sleep when the clocks change
it getting dark when I am walking to work and home
not being able to sit outside in the fresh air without getting wet or catching pneumonia
getting older!

And a bonus entry! I love Autumn as it's my cats birthday...hehehehe...she likes to lay on the Sky box as it is like a mini heater...but when she gets up for a stretch she ends up changing the channels and turning it off and all sorts..hehehe


  1. Direct, simple, and to the point! Great list!

    1. Lol! Thanks :) I'm gonna have a hot chocolate now!

  2. Great list and yes, hot chocolate deserves to be on the list!

  3. Love your lists. And an extra hooray for hot chocolate!


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