13 Sep 2015

Sunday catchup!

Hi All!

Well, I thought I would have a little catch up with you all.

The last two weeks I have been in my new job and after a slow first week I finally feel like I am settling in a bit and the work is ok, it helps that the people are really nice.

The first week there I took the Indian Lady to work to stitch on at lunchtimes and a little in the evening if I could but my hours have changed and I am still adjusting to the evenings and how short they are now!

Anyway, I was really pleased with the progress and continued to enjoy stitching on it but I did decide that the next week I would switch projects.

Here is an up date on where I was when I announced I had started the Indian Lady:

 and here is where I am after a week of stitching on her:

As you can see I didn't do too badly!

Then last weekend was the first of my BWABWA weekends (Party of 1) and I spent most of it umming and ahhing about which book to read - next month I shall be reading Middlemarch by George Eliot so feel free to join me or stop by the monday after to compare views.

I ended up not stitching at all but I did download an audiobook 'Pretty Girls' by Karin Slaughter. I like thrillers but this book has been difficult to listen to, the point of view switches (and voices do change) but its distracting and the reader has a very droll sounding voice which can be hard to absorb what is being said. However, I do intend to persevere and see how I get on, quite possibly I will use it to listen to on my way to and from work.

So last week I took Faces of Faery 66 with me to work in the hopes of stitching on it and then didn't get the opportunity. There is no need to show an update as there was only the addition of about 100 black stitches.

Then on Friday I decided to check my stash for something quick to stitch and came across this chart with charm that I bought a month or so ago in a sale, you may remember it:

Love Chart With Charm

Angie from Miamina's Musings very very kindly sent me some fabric remnants when I was rebuilding my stash at the start of the summer and one of those was Polstiches Cinderella.

So,  as my middle niece is the only family member who has not had something stitched by me I stitched this for her, I framed it too but it is a little squiffy but I hope she likes it. I absolutely loved stitching it, maybe because its love, I don't know and I changed the border so it would fit in my frame and used slightly different shade of red for my hearts ad green for my vines.

I don't often say this but I would definitely stitch this many times over before getting bored of it, it took about 3-4hrs from start to finish and I am happy with it...what do you think?

I actually had gone in search of something Halloweeny or at least with pumpkins but found nothing suitable...but I have literally just remembered that I do have a Halloween booklet that might have just what I need!

What do I need? Pumpkins! A couple of weeks ago I wrote a poem about pumpkins and thought I would stitch it with some pumpkins, I am still deciding on how, and now that I have a pumpkin pattern I may just try stitching that today....so watch this space!

Here is the poem:



I wanted something that (I hope) is a little creepy.

I might take Faery 66 back to work again this week and see how that goes, I am actually looking forward to next weekend and stitching the next ornament from Joan Elliots Roly-Polies.

And I can't believe that in two weeks my blog is having a birthday! I think it's four...or five? Why aren't I a millionaire blogger already? hehehehehe I only discovered last month that I share a blog birthday with Keebles and all this time I thought her blog was a week or so older....I will definitely be thinking of a way to celebrate so be prepared!

Well...I guess that is all I have to update you on...I hope you are all having a great weekend whether it be busy or taking it easy.

I will catch up with you all on Tuesday when it's time to get to know the best ten places near here!


  1. Beautiful finish! I hope your niece likes it, it's framed perfectly as well. I like your poem and there's a lot of creepy pumpkin designs out there, so I hope you find what you're looking for!

    1. I found the pumpkins I thought of and I may use them, they aren't carved so I shall add faces. Thanks for the link by the way :)

  2. Love changes you made to the Love piece. Congratulations on the finish! I've seen several pumpkin designs that would fit your poem, but I can't think of where right now so keep looking.

    1. Ok, cool! It's good to know there are some about :)

  3. How funny that you and Keebles share a blog birthday! Congratulations. I love your Love finish, it's so pretty. I wish I could stitch at work but I rarely have a lunch break and there's nowhere nice in our office building to sit and stitch!

    1. I'm a stickler for making sure that I have a lunch break, it's really important for me to stay motivated and switch off for an hour and return back feeling refreshed. I don't get much stitching done really but over a week it's not too bad.

  4. The blogaversary widget is broken, everyone's blog shows the same day. Your blogaversary is actually 12th September

  5. Glad to hear that you're settling into work so well. At least you're making some progress on your stitching.


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