24 Aug 2015

IHSW part 2.


Some of you were probably hoping that I had finished, right? I know I was.

Sadly I have not yet finished, its like walking through sludge still, but I have almost finished Anna and Elsa leaving me with just the blue background. By the end of today I should be able to carry on with the blue, so thats something at least.

So, here it was on Friday...

and fractionally more....today!

Now I shall skip off to check out everyone else's progress. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the Top 10 Tuesdays (this weeks topic is fears).


  1. You did a lot! Well done.

  2. Great progress! Looking forward to the big finish. :)

  3. Next ihsw it probably will be finished
    Still a very good progress :)
    Have a lovely stitchy evening

  4. It looks good, much more like the characters so you're getting close! Maybe you can do a thread of blue, then switch back to the dresses, etc?

    1. I am now at the stage where I only have blue and of course with the end in sight I have an error somewhere in the background. I will be fudging the background so that hopefully it wont be too bad. The characters do look better from a little further away, so maybe I will take the final pic at a distance. But I am going to finish before monday!


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