21 Aug 2015

Before it all kicks off....

So, a couple of updates...I know! Who can have updates when they haven't written or stitched since the last update just several hours ago.

Well I actually do....

Update 1...

I was give an Amazon voucher when I finished my previous job and I decided to buy a cross stitch kit with it...who knew? I really like the design, and some of you will already know that I do have a thing for ethnic inspired designs.

Well, it came today, and I love it and am really excited to start it...I am one of those who loves new starts and so I was tempted, that was until I made the mistake of asking Ebony if I should start it this weekend....

Me: ooh! Ebony look! Shall I start this this weekend, its beautiful isn't it?
Ebony: Erm, yes it is but you haven't finished my surprise yet.
Me: Oh!
Ebony: ...and you have to finish my surprise first or you won't get anything for your birthday!

So...I took these photo's and put it up on the top shelf...and stitched a little more on Frozen, then discovered I made a mistake...to frog or not to frog...lets see how it looks first!

So the photos...

The kit....

The pattern is one page per A4 page which is really quite large and easy to read, so that is definitely something to look forward to.

Update 2....

I seem to be allergic to one of these ingredients:

Any ideas??

Update 3...

Yesterday I participated in the #ThursdayThreads and I discovered a few moments that although I didn't win with my story, I did get an honourable mention! Don't forget to check out all the other stories here.

This was the feedback from the judge on my story Perfect Moments.
Mary says: The writer cleverly keeps the violence and horror off screen, ala Hitchock, leaving it to the reader to supply their own images, and allowing the author to say so much in so few words.

So that is pretty nice, right? and I get to put this badge somewhere on my blog:


Update 4...

I asked my sister what should I do a Top 10 Tuesday on and she said ....FEARS! So that is the theme for next Tuesday, so feel free to blog about them, either fascinating ones, your own, or even others. 

And finally, yes finally, I shall return on Monday with battle scars from Arendelle! Wishing you all great progress and absentee stitch masters!


  1. You could be allergic to something unknown since flavoring is an ingredient. If you email me your symptoms I can tell you if it's milk allergy. Beautiful new one! Congrats on the HM!

  2. Congratulations on your honourable mention! I enjoyed your very short story but am behind on blog commenting so you'll probably get a comment from me some time this weekend. I love your new kit, just think how much more you'll enjoy the start if you've finished Ebony's pressie first!

  3. Loved your story (and meant to comment - sorry!). I've been looking for a way back into fiction so may join in next time. That cross stitch looks like a big project but it will be fantastic when it's done (AFTER Ebony's present of course ;)

    1. You definitely should join in! I look forward to reading your fiction.

  4. Good thing Ebony is keeping you on the straight and narrow. You know you'll enjoy your new start even more if you don't disappoint her.

    1. Oh my word! She is just ridiculous about it...every day a reminder...lol!


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