2 Jun 2015

10 bloggers that blog (12)

"Here we are again, admittedly not consecutively but I don't think it was said that it had to be???" she said, grasping at straws.

I have been lurking around the blogosphere since 2011 and over that time I have found blogs to follow. However, lives change and people stop blogging and I recall a time when I used to routinely check my blogroll and if the person hadnt blogged in 6 months to a year then I would unfollow them.

I find blogs either by challenges - pretty much all crafty bloggers that I follow I came across via the IHSW and having not participated for such a long time I haven't discovered anyone new in a while, other blogs have been stumbled across during the A to Z challenge, and the remainder probably by seeing their comments on a mutual blog.

Below I have 10 blogs (in no particular order) that I will check for new posts every time I log on but I am always looking for new stuff and would love recommendations, so please leave your top three fave blogs in the comments or alternatively blog about them and let me know! Tiffstitch has a post already which you can check out here.

1. People don't eat enough fudge
This blog is hosted by Sarah and like me she writes whatever she likes whenever she likes! She is more consistent than me though, and funnier, and has some really good crafting ideas. Currently, she is patiently waiting for my pay it forward, which I am on the 4th incarnation of - its a long story! and is a great bog to make you smile.

2. Tiffstitches
This blog is hosted by Tiffany, who is currently taking part with me in this 30 day challenge so please go and check out her entries, they have all been great so far at our almost half-way point.

3. Random Ramblings
This blog is hosted by Joysze who is a stitching goddess when she isn't gaming! This was one of the first blogs I followed, if not the first, and through Joysze I have discovered some great bloggers and been inspired. She regularly finishes what she starts and has a wall of mermaids which you should check out on her finishes page.

4. Keebles World
This blog is hosted by Keiley who I met via the IHSW back in 2011 and have been friends with ever since! Her stitching is always great and she makes such progress that it highlights how little I do! She is a Disney obsessive but is a great source of information regarding Disney and Disney World. Blogging most definitely wouldn't be the same without her.

5. Tiki Stitches
This blog is hosted by Diane and she stitched smalls generally. She took part in my Christmas exchange that I did a couple of years in a row but then after the fire I felt quite downtrodden (having lost all my exchange pieces) but I do still have photographic evidence of them. I hope to maybe start that again and fingers crossed she'll join me again :)

At this the half-way point I'll take a breather...I am surprised at how many of the blogs on my roll have not blogged in such a long while and how many have had babies and so are on hiatus. I was going to include a couple of these people but then decided as they arent currently blogging I shall mention them when they are. So back to the list....

6. Cucki Stitching Cove
This blog is hosted by Cucki. She is  one of the friendliest, kindest and sweetest bloggers I have ever had the pleasure to come across. She is another stitchy/crafty blogger so drop by and say Hi :)

7. Annalisa Crawford - Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep, 
This blog is hosted by Annalisa. She is a writer whose books I have read and enjoyed and you may too. As a writer she tends to blog about writerly things...her book 'That Sadie thing and other short stories' is my favourite but I have just realised I haven't yet read our beautiful child! I will be rectifying that soon.

8. The Grumbling Gargoyle
This blog is hosted by Lynn. She is a poet and writer. Later this month she will be having an event to launch her debut book 'Darkness and Decadence' which is available on Amazon etc. now!! .....Why you still here? She is a friend and sounding board and for that I am grateful.

9. Bett ilustraciones
This blog is hosted by Bett. She is an artist and this is her work. I love her designs and follow her on Facebook too. I would love to know how they would look stitched.

10. Feeling Stitchy
This blog is hosted by Amy. I follow this blog becuase it has a variety of craft projects, often has good tips and I quite like its Friday finds.

So, that is it then! Don't forget to leave your recommendations....even if its yourself! :D


  1. Hi Kate! What a surprise to be included in your list - I was just browsing, and planning to check a few out... especially the one with FUDGE in the title. So, thank you for reading my blog :-) I keep meaning to make it slightly less writerly, but I'm not sure what else I would talk about...

    I hope you like Our Beautiful Child just as much as That Sadie Thing.

    1. I'm looking forward to reading it :)

  2. I also tend to lean toward the crafty sort of blog. I pick up several during the April A to Z Challenge, but I don't typically stick with most of them. There is just something addictive about watching the cross stitching progress of others, I'm not sure why.

    1. It's addictive. I kind of miss the big projects once they're done.


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