7 May 2015

Unfinished Business (includes SPOILERS)


I saw the trailer for this film on TV…I think! But all I saw was Dave Franco. I have had a crush on the guy since his Scrubs days and if he is in a film then I feel it’s my duty to at least go and see it. So when I saw him I knew that I would be seeing that film when it came out in the cinema and that was where I found myself last Monday afternoon.

Movies take even longer to start than they ever used to because now you have adverts before the trailers, and with it being a quiet viewing (3pm), I thought I would check out its IMDb score just for an idea. Well, I am glad I did that after I had gotten my ticket, it wasn’t the best score ever. I wasn’t too disheartened as I knew it was a comedy, and bad comedies are some of my favourite things. Vince Vaughn isn’t a favourite of mine but I decided to ignore it and try and imagine he was someone else. I will save you all from my Vince Vaughn rant! Maybe some other day.


I was expecting it to be funny and possibly slightly crude, then I saw Vince and thought ‘Oh dear god! Noooooooo!’, but then I saw Nick Frost and thought “Phew!”. 


A business man (Vince Vaughn) quits his job to branch out on his own, and two guys (one old and one young) join him in his new venture.  Basically, a year later a big deal comes up and they travel to Germany to seal the deal, and lots of exploits are had. An overlapping story about his son being bullied also included. 


First things first and most importantly, it was funny in places and I definitely sniggered a good few times, it was decent in terms of the comedy. I was entertained.

However, the storyline was thin to say the least and I don’t just mean the business deal, but the bullying too. Character development was pretty non-existent and some things that Vince Vaughns character discovered about his staff you would have expected him to notice in the year that they had been working together before this trip. No character for me was complete or convincing. 


I did enjoy this film, but I think what saved it was the comedy, if it had been less funny then it would have been sooooooo bad.

My score for this movie is 5/10. I did consider giving it a six but it wasn’t better than Insurgent and it wasn’t worse. IMDB score 5.2, Metascore 32/100, Rotten tomatoes 12%.

I think Rotten Tomatoes were unduly harsh! If this is available on Netflix or Amazon Prime then I would recommend watching it for some light entertainment.

I would also like to ask Dave Franco if he is at all worried about being typecast as 'Man wearing rucksack".

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