7 May 2015

Spongebob Squarepants [may contain nuts*]


I saw the trailer and thought it looked ok. I quite like what I have seen of spongebob. My niece (age 9) wanted to go and see it too so we did.


Having watched the trailer I expected it to be very much live action with cartoons, a bit like 'Who frame Roger Rabbit?' or 'Space Jam'. 


The story is that the secret recipe to Krabb patties has been stolen and Spongebob decides to get it back.


Limited adulation for this as both my niece and I were disappointed and feel the trailer actually mis-sold the feature. The Live action and cartoon part at the end was the best bit by far and is what the trailer above shows you.

We didn't like that the first two-thirds of the movie were all a huge Spongebob cartoon and in all honesty not even a good episode! It was slow, it jumped all over the timeline and compared to other animations looked seriously clunky.


We weren't impressed at all and probably wouldn't watch it again. If you are a die hard Spongebob fan then by all means go and see it but if you think it will be as good as the trailer then don;t waste your money. Just watch the trailer on YouTube.

I want to give it more for the last part (the trailer part) but will stick with:
  • Me - 4/10. 
  • IMDb - 6.5/10. 
  • Metascore - 62/100.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - 78%
    • Audience score - 59%
    • Average score - 3.5/5

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