8 Oct 2013


Hello…are we still talking? I feel like the past few weeks I have been possessed by someone else and that’s why my blogging has gone by the wayside. I would like to say that its because I am reserving all my energies for Nanowrimo but that would just be an excuse. It is slightly true, I am reserving my energies for Nanowrimo and have been capturing images in my mind to use as inspiration and for a setting for the story. I haven’t drawn a mindmap, or wrote a list or ventured into any sort of planning but it is happening a little bit in my head.

I have a vague setting, and a ‘feeling’ that I want to portray throughout the novel and hopefully pass on to the reader. I’m not sure how realistic a goal that is or how likely I am to achieve that but that’s the plan. Storywise…I think the main character will be a woman, that there will be dark undertones, and I think it will be another mystery style story. The story arc and actual idea of what will happen, what the characters are called or where it will be set – I have no idea about.

Since moving I have struggled to make a space and find time to write. I have time but for some reason I am not using it for writing. That needs to change and I am hopeful that Nanowrimo will get me back in the habit (as the nuns say). I really want to finish my WIPs. I have about 4 that need to be finished and that should be my target to get them done by the end of the year.

In other writing news, I haven’t written much poetry lately, which must mean I am on an emotional even keel.

I am not surprised as the house is almost sorted since the fire, only the windows to be fitted today, and the burglary case is moving forward. The person whose fingerprints they found in my house and who had my stuff found in his house was released on bail and has to report back to the station on 15th October (my birthday) – the police will call me to tell me whether the CPS (crown prosecution service) will be prosecuting him or not.

The neighbour who caused the fire came over the other day (after our fence had been put up by the landlord in exactly the same place that it had been when it had been burnt to the ground) to tell us that the fence was over the property line (by about 2cm) and we better take it down or he will! I am sure you can imagine how exasperating it is to live next door to an idiot. I remember the police officer asking me if I was ok in my house, I guess some people feel uneasy after a burglary, I am not worried about the burglar but I am worried about the idiot next door!

In other news, I think we should bring back Telly Addicts, it’s an old British TV show from the 80s and is basically a quiz show about television….here’s a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vZ9zDIG70c …check out Noel reading a letter (not a tweet or email – lol!)

I just think with the amount of TV available now that there is so much you could quiz about. Maybe I should produce my own YouTube Telly Addicts. Who’s in? It also got me to thinking, after a long discussion with a friend, about my TV Heaven and TV Hell. I always think I watch so much and love so much TV but reality is I haven’t seen a lot of popular TV shows. Does it mean I have bad taste? Or good taste? My friend thinks I am an annoying TV viewer and that there is little correlation between the TV shows that I like.

What is your TV Heaven and TV Hell?


  1. He is an idiot. I thought you were going to say he came over to apologise and give you a big bouquet of flowers.

    I used to love watching Telly Addicts. I'm not going to follow that link though, just in case it's not as good as I remember it.

    1. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha that really made me laugh! As incredulous as he is even that is beyond him! Did I tell you that the day after the fire he was saying how he had had some meat marinating and had to throw that away because he lost his appetite after the fire! And yes, he said this whilst standing next to my burnt out house and thousands of pounds worth of damage. Poor tyke missed his tea!

  2. Well, fingers crossed with you on all of that. You are a calmer person than me! (Or you fake it better!) You actually have material for your novel in amongst that catalogue of disaster! (And I demand a return of Big Break!)

    1. Hahaha....I wasn't calm but just shocked...and I never fake it! lol You are right about Big Break...now I have the theme tune stuck in my head...Its only a game so put up a real good fight, we're gonna be snookering you, snookering you tonight!

  3. Wow that neighbour does sound idiotic! I hope things calm down for you soon. I'm sure that it'll be easier or you to get into the habit once you're not subjected to so much distraction.

    1. Thanks Misha, oh he is, and I believe he doesn't know it! Yes, less distraction is a start, if only! lol

  4. Bah, my comment didn't send. Now I know how you feel when you try to comment on my Blog.

    Just wanted to say that I'm glad that they caught they burglar and I hope things settle down with your neighbour soon. Frankly, I reckon you should move your fence another 2cms onto his land as compensation for setting your house alight.

    Since you asked, TV heaven would mainly include a few of those long-running American dramas. Breaking Bad was amazing from start to finish. I've also just watched season 3 of The Walking Dead. Season 1 was a slog, but now it's one of my favourite shows, so it was worth the effort. I also enjoyed Science Britannica and that recent David Attenborough two-parter.

    TV hell would include X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, or anything in that vein. I would articulate more on how awful they are, but I don't want the bile to put off your usual readers.

    1. Hehehe...It is only when I try from my mobile but its so annoying. I am glad you now feel my pain :)
      Oh there was a whole hoo-haa daa-di-daa tale about the burglar, which I may share one day, but its been a rollercoaster.
      Hahah...definitely, just unbelievable...he has nothing else to think about except our fence!

      Ive not seen Breaking Bad....:o or The Walking Dead or any other long-running American dramas - I have received plenty of scorn from friends about my TV viewing.

      I agree about reality TV - although I do like a couple of the US ones but can I claim that its cultural research? Probably not.

  5. What an idiot that neighbour sounds like. YES about Telly Addicts, I'd be down for that coming back to our screens. With Cilla or Noel hosting for old times sake. OR BOTH OF THEM... xx


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