16 Oct 2013

Wednesday wonderings

Hello! So, here I am, another year older (as of yesterday) and another year wiser…*cough*splutter*guffaw*…anyway, its two weeks till nanowrimo starts and the story I thought I could use a couple of weeks ago has morphed from exciting to missable and thus I am back to the drawing board.

Here is a paragraph or so of the old story....

She stood shivering at the window, her feet rooted to the spot, her eyes widened to their maximum and her fingers gripping the sill. As she breathed, the window misted adding a natural eeriness to the image she watched before her, unsure if what she had seen could actually be considered real in the realms of reality, she gripped tighter as an expression of her thoughts.

It was the screeching of the brakes that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand erect as the bus stopped at the roadside. A figure emerged from behind the large oak tree at the streets edge, the face hidden, and she raised a hand up to the window to support her as she peered closer. She watched as the figure walked along the length of the bus to the backseat and it sped off up the street. At last she felt able to blink and relaxed ever so slightly.

'Sally poppet? Your nose is bleeding.'

Sally's hand flew to her face to check for blood and Bert was right, she was bleeding, but it didnt worry her as much as the realisation that she heard Bert (a lifelong mute) speak. Sally looked at Bert with new eyes, he wasnt Bert anymore but who was he?

I am pleased to also announce that my internet now works much better and so I can take part in flash fiction challenges again and of course write for Nano...I am still struggling with a christmas story for AMMC but you just never know! :)

I'll be back soon!


  1. looking forward to daily doses of your writing again

  2. Yeah, as your absolute worst friend who managed to also miss your birthday on your blog (and no, I know it doesn't help that I haven't been reading anyone else's blog either). Would it help to know that you are my absolute hero and I worship the ground you walk on? Coz I do!

    1. lol! Thanks Keebs, youre the best - this really made me smile....and you are a great friend! x


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