17 Jul 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Locked


Following on from Monday Mixer, here is Five Sentence Fiction hosted by Lillie McFerrin. If you have time, pop over there and check out the other entries. The idea being to write a piece of fiction in five sentences.


Julie and John had a great night out together, the first since their twins were born, and long overdue.

Initially, Julie had been reluctant about leaving them with her mother, but she had born and raised five of her own and Julie had quickly gotten over any doubts.

The evening was important to both of them and their relationship, John had been feeling neglected and Julie felt like she had lost her identity, date night reminded them both that they weren’t just parents.

They had chosen to walk back from the restaurant and enjoy the coolness of the evening breeze, it contradicted the muggy hot summer days that they were having, and they walked arm in arm towards home.

Turning into their street they saw smoke billowing from their house, they both ran towards the door ignoring any danger they would be putting themselves in, their evening long forgotten as panic and desperation set in as they fought to open the door.


  1. Such a wonderful feeling you've created in them being able to go out and then you change the tone completely with the twist. I hope they don't live to regret it. Fab writing. xx


    1. Thanks :) My sister wrote on my facebook page that she would be scared to leave the house agan (she has three small children) so i added the ending for her! a happy one too...its here: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMarjieMyers

  2. From aah to oh no, you always manage to pack so much into 5 sentences.


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