14 May 2013

Mini-reviews: Star Trek

Last Saturday, I went to the Cinema alone for the first time as an adult…I decided that the subscription that I paid for was underused by yours truly and so I would spend the day there and watch a few.

I can confess that I overdosed on films, I would have been fine at home but I guess it’s my age because but the volume was too loud! I also can’t watch 3D films, so 2D it was. I actually had a headache and felt nauseous when I left which was not related to the films, honest!

So I saw Star Trek, Mud, Deadfall (by accident) and 21&Over.

My rating:

Star Trek: 3.6

This is out of 5 and I should confess that even I think I am a harsh judge at times but let’s be honest shall we….

Star Trek

I know that Star Trek always has hideous accents and it’s almost a trademark now but they still annoy me, grrr! What with an Englishman being a Scotsman and an American being a Russian and a Kiwi being an American, it was painful at times. In addition to that, it took a good 30-40 minutes before the film actually got started and the mission that we saw at the beginning was tenuously linked to the rest, I imagine it was edited out, but even now it just seems pointless in retrospect. It seemed like a lot of that story at the beginning was to focus on Spock but I feel it should have been written better. The film was definitely Spockcentric. Zoe Saldana seemed to be a clingy girlfriend for the main part, it was only when SPOILER she spoke Klingon that it dawned on me that in the old Star Trek, languages had been Uhuru’s speciality. I definitely would have preferred more depth of story and a little less gratuitous nonsense.

Benedict Cumberbatch was good which was to be expected, and there was a lot of action, and each of the main characters had their ‘moment’ . I am madly in love with John Cho (ever since Harold & Kumar) and so seeing him on the big screen was great. It was entertaining but probably something I would have been equally happy seeing on DVD. I guess it does depend how big a Star Trek fan you are.

Overall, I felt like it was a small story in a big jacket.

..the rest to follow!


  1. I saw Star Trek over the weekend too. I agree with you on every point and there were some strange things happening in the plot that I didn't understand.


    Why did they try and kill Khan with those torpedoes/members of his crew? It seems really stupid to haul the one thing that Khan actually wanted across deep space, to enemy territory, to try and kill him with. Why not use normal torpedoes? Why not take the bodies out to stop Khan getting his hands on them (like Spock did later)? Why risk letting Khan get anywhere near them?

    Also, are vulcans stronger than humans? Because Khan could easily throw everyone else around like toys, yet Spock held his own in a fist fight with him.

    How did Scotty manage to sneak aboard that ship? One minute he was investigating something near Jupiter, the next he's sabotaging a warship from the inside. This might have just been me missing something important though.

    Other than that, it was a fun film.

    1. I think that you raise so valid questions, I have resorted to accepting it as light entertainment, but am disappointed as it could have been more.
      It did seem stupid but they supposedly didnt realise they had people in at the point that they loaded them - even though that makes it suspicious behaviour on the part of marcus daughter who was scanning them and checking them all out and she didnt notice?
      I also don't understand why Khan didnt just take the torpedoes when he had the chance, or blackmail officers into smuggling them out to him?
      I didnt realise vulcans were stronger, i just thought they were more intelligent and unfeeling, i even found it ridiculously cheesy when he did the vulcan grip? (I dont know its official name)Spock also never had a black eye, bloody face and cut lip like Kirk did - i think those are his sensitive areas because he had the same injuries in every fight.
      I just thought of something else too, the dr used an eye drop of blood in the animal that came back to life yet for Kirk he needed a full blood transfusion? yet the animal was necrotic and kirk was fresh.
      Scotty is a devious one, i guess security was slack in that garage behind jupiter, and what happened to his little friend? he seemed to vanish when the going got tough - did scotty abandon him in Jupiter?
      It was fun even if the storyline had more holes than a sieve.

  2. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to see the first one before I watch this one (when it comes out on DirecTV of course...I wouldn't pay to see it or buy it)! You may have just saved me an Amazon rental of the first!

  3. Actually keebs the first one is good. I expected horrors & it was ok. Def see the first one! Lol

  4. I want to see this film especially for Benedict Cumberbatch!

    1. I hope you enjoy it :) Its worth seing for Mr. Cumberbatch


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