6 Dec 2012

55 Word Challenge - Week 37 (Week 1 for me!)

Yesterday night I saw mention of the 55 word challenge and decided to investigate...the aim being to write a story in 55 words (or there abouts) based on one of the photo prompts. Here is a link for you to check out the other great entries. Below is my very first entry!

The prompt I used:


My 55 word story...

She tried the handle, it turned but wouldn't open, and she began frantically yanking the door. Every time she did so the walls of the house moved inwards and the roof lowered. What had started as a large barn and shelter from the rain was now a small shack that threatened to be her coffin.


  1. Pretty neat. I like the idea of getting a thought/feeling across to your reader in such few words. And you did it well. Very claustrophobic of you. :)

    1. thanks, what would I do without your comments? thank you

  2. This is so well expressed ... loved the story !!!

  3. Scary stuff! And dead cool to get so much out of 55 words.


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