26 Oct 2012

Carry on...

Skipping down the lane
With optimism and joy
With everything to gain
Having fun with a new toy

Tripping on the ground
And falling to your knees
There's nobody around
To listen to your pleas

Pull yourself back up to stand
Brush the dirt from your dress
Things never go quite as planned
You never do impress

Raise your chin and dry your eyes
Forget about the past
It doesn't matter how many tries
The memories always last

It's time to start again and skip
And fill your heart with passion
Next time make sure that you don't trip
It's not a passing fashion.


  1. Ahh, very visual piece.like it a lot :-)

  2. Indeed! "Raise your chin and dry your eyes...Forget about the past..." A most excellent poem and both moving and encouraging.

    Wishing you a very Happy Halloween from the Halloween Blog Hop! Hope your day is full of fun and lovely treats! :)

    1. Thank you! And welcome, I have now posted my Halloween story - :D


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