19 Sep 2012

Better out than in!

Look at all that potential!?

In my last post I asked the question 'What inspires you?' and thank you to those who took the time to tell me what inspired them.

It occurred to me that I hadn't been that specific in my question, and what I should have said was what inspires you to take action? I think a lot of things give us ideas, and inspiration every day, but very few do affect us enough for us to act on it. I may be wrong.

I am always looking for inspiration, I have family and friends and hobbies that I enjoy and that I find to be inspirational, but very rarely do I act on that, I rather bask in the glory of their amazingness. My inspiration has to come from somewhere inside of me for example;

Sisters (me on the left)

this evening I was at my sisters with my mother and my nieces and me and my sister went into a fit of hysterics about a quite crude joke (email if you want to know it, I won't tell anyone ;) ) but it was one of those moments where it just tickled you. I couldn't stop laughing, and it felt like the laugh was trapped in me - I was literally going..

HA! HA! HA! HA! not even HA! HA!heeheeeheeehheeee

Very loud outbursts of HA!, then me holding onto my stomach, and then me on the floor slapping the carpet! At some point a lot of people would have been in tears - and if I had ever cried from laughter then this would have been it - the laughter subdued but as soon as my sister took a mouthful of coffee, the laugh returned and seeing her trying not to spit coffee all over the place or choke on it actually made me laugh harder! I know, my sense of humour is questionable, but I couldn't stop.

Someone on Twitter gave me a glimpse into a funny story they had of near death by choking whilst laughing - and I thought...I am inspired to blog one of my funny stories....but that is not what has happened, no. I have been inspired to write about inspiration!

Inspiration doesn't come from anywhere else but from inside of yourself and sometimes it is easy to forget that you are someone else's inspiration and most importantly your own. It is empowering to think that but I often feel like I am letting myself down, that I am not acting enough on instinct, that I should know what my aspirations are, where I see myself in 10 years and what I want to do with my life.

It is my birthday in 2.5 weeks and every year I go through this, this self-analysis, this scavenger hunt of my soul, my mind and my motivation - clinging always to the hope that I will see my future in myself. Another year older, another year wiser but never any wiser about me. I am going to be (take a big breath) 36 years old. I can't believe it myself. I really can't. I also still feel about twenty-something. Kind people tell me I still look twenty-something but my brain tells me that isn't the case! I look at people in their late teens & early twenties and think how young they are, yet I still remember what it was like to be that age and how I felt so very mature back then. Its strange what time does to you? I think its a rather cruel trick.
Old and Wise

But the point here, I'm pretending that there is one, is that for as long as I can remember I have never really known what I wanted to do career wise, and here I am at the end of a contract, almost another year older and still asking myself 'What do I want to do?' For me, it is absolutely infuriating. I want to bang my head against the wall and maybe scream a little but that won't help. I give great advice to others but it never seems to work on self-application. One of the comments on the previous blog suggested that I am at a point in my life when I can create the job I want - I loved that quote - but what is it I want to create, what type of job? I have spent 30 years cultivating a wall made of what if's and i don't knows and endorsed a daily ritual of telling myself it exists.

I wonder if anyone has an extra extra large sledgehammer I could borrow? Or maybe you had a similar situation? Or were at a point in your life, where it had all seemed to come to a stop and you had to plan a new route? Have you any pearls of wisdom to offer? Are you willing to give me a slap?

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  1. hehe -- don't you just love to laugh hard over something silly -- I've been known to choke over a good joke.

    Anyway, I'm going to be 53 in January and let me tell you something .... I still feel like I'm in my 20's in my head -- not my body, mind you, just my head. I think that's when our brain matures.

    1. I do love laughing - and certaiin things always make me giggle, the sillier the better :)
      I'm glad to hear it - I am a little scared of waking up one morning and being extremely mature and grown up, like a strict headmistresses from an Enid Blyton novel!

  2. Ohh I am smiling all the time..always ..life is so short so live happily :)
    Have a lovely day xxx

    1. Whenever I read your posts Cucki I can tell that you are a very happy person and they always make me smile. Have a lovely day too xx

  3. oooo we seem to have the same kind of humour ...lol .. when I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina or and opera singer .. I learnt to dance too late but I did qualify to sing ... how ever I just sing for my self now ...
    finally at the grand age of dare I say 47 next I am happy with me .. I have a wonderful hobby (fantastic friends from it too ) and have a new job after 3 years of not working doing administration work for a care company ... not bad for some one who is officially cream crackerd ;P) love mouse xxxx

    1. Oh, how I wish I could sing, just even a little bit! I would sing from the rooftops and it would beat miming (which is how I currently sing). You are no where near cream crackered! I think when you hit 30, you stop caring so much about other people's opinion of you and just focus on yourself! I am so happy for you. :)
      Its good to know that I am not alone! The joke was soooo silly and at my mothers expense! lol
      Thanks for stopping by Mouse.

  4. I'm behind on my blog reading this week :p Catching up now and I started with this post so I'm not sure what you wrote before.. I will read it next heheheh Going on the wrong direction I know :p

    No matter how old we are, I think we will always question ourselves, it's part of being human - always learning and trying to improve :)
    we will always be seeking for something, we just have to enjoy the journey! find our happy place :) if you can laugh like that, you're definitely on the right path ;)

    Already following on twitter :p

    1. Hi Nia, thanks for following on twitter.
      I know you are right but you can't tell me it isn't annoying! Lol

  5. Happy Almost Birthday Kate! Mine is coming up soon. I'll be 37. How'd that happen?! To be honest, I look about 28 and feel about 50+ but am having tons of fun. You look much younger than your age too...whoohoo for good genes!

  6. Yeah, yay for good genes! I remember your pic from way back & you definitely
    don't look 37. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you are
    having so much fun! I need more fun so I will be channelling yours!

  7. I love the laughs that have you clutching your sides and tears streaming down your eyes....happens a LOT to me!! I would love to hear the joke (email me!!) I could use a good joke. As for inspiration....my family and husband and children I work with my inspire me daily. My brother inspires me to be the best teacher I can be for children with learning disabilities. Sometimes I surprise myself and do something I thought I could never do but then I do it and get over my fears and what not. Happy Birthday Kate and enjoy yourself and the laughs!!!!

  8. Haha! I will email you! The work you do is inspirational
    and many thanks for the birthday wishes.

  9. OH!!! I'm always up for giving someone a slap, HAHAHAHAH!!!!

    Inspiration to do something... almost like a motivation eh? I find that as I get older, I get lazier, and I just can't be bothered anymore. Not exactly a good place to be... but I don't want to change the world, I don't want to change me.... it could be that I'm happy where I am...?

    Speaking of laughter, hubby has a great one. It's right from the gut and such a happy sound... makes me laugh everytime.

    1. Why thank you! Hence the face pulling - hehehe

      Yes, but more dramatic :D I know what you mean about not being so bothered. I don't want you to change either! You most likely are happy - stop skipping! lol

      Hearing the person you love laugh is the best, you lucky girl.

  10. OH!! And you were SOOOOOOOOO CUTE as a baby. Those eyes!!! :D

    1. I know!!!!!!! What happened - tsk. hahaha!


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