31 Mar 2012

Suddenly Seeking..

Hey Everyone!

I hope that you all have great stitching plans for this weekend!

I am afraid that my stitching will be a little less in April (like i could do any less! haha) as I am taking part with 1400+ bloggers on the A to Z Challenge. I will be blogging once a day (except Sundays) and each post will have to be based on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds, so day 1 will be letter A and so on.

The lovely Evalina over at this and that is also taking part and has a really cool theme of ancient Egypt. My theme is very low brow and is Career Choices, or rather jobs I would like to have a go at!  I am sure you are all busy with stitchy blogs and the like, but if you get some free time and fancy reading something come and check out the blogs involved. If you click on the link to the right for my blog Suddenly Seeking it will take you there, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a blogroll...its very long but the posts are all going to be short and hopefully interesting.

Well, that's my sales pitch done and without any emotional blackmail!

Bye for now!

Kate x


  1. Sounds interesting...... I'll have to check it out when I get a chance..... still trying to get the blog reading squared away... hehehe.

  2. lol! Totally understand, but a *spoiler* for tomorrows post for all my lovely crafty blog followers is that my full slideshow of the gardens at Torre Abbey in Devon will be up tomorrow (7th April) as I consider Gardening as a career. Today its Fairies! and I so should have stitched one for it. Maybe next year??

  3. Im also quite excited to know what your news is!!! Cant wait till tomorrow.


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