26 Jan 2012

Idle hands strike again!

Ok, I got caught up in all the holiday excitement and I had time on my hands - a lull at work - and I have only booked a trip!!

Will FINALLY be visiting NYC from 12th April till 17th April!!!!!!!!!!

Nervous and excited as will be on my own, but more in shock at the moment that I finally made a decision and booked something.

Please please please let me know of any travel tips you have and places not to miss :) :) 

Only 7 weeks to go!


  1. Oh yay! What fun! I'm so glad you finally booked it! I still need to blog about NY...and it's been months!

  2. NYC has a massive Disney store in Times Square that's really quite famous!

  3. How exciting! I am sure you will have a lot of fun :)

  4. Woooohoooo! Awesome!!!! You're going to have such a fantastic time. :D Never been to NY myself, so i wanna hear all about it. ;)

  5. go you - never been to New York so can't help you out that way but have fun!


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