25 Jan 2012

Browsing inspiration?

I have to mention the following blog: Bett Illustrations, the designs are always so gorgeous and the use of colour is always perfect. If like me, you have a dreamy side you may like the following pic: Embrace of the Moon not to mention the countless others :)

I would also like to recommend a book too! Look at me, little miss recommendation today - :)

I came across the book when I joined a reading challenge, it was reading books from the year of your birth and  I decided to take my books from the New York Best Seller list. The book that was number one the week that i was born was Trinity by Leon Uris.  When it arrived I was slightly sceptical as I am not really into historical epic saga-esque novels. I could not for the life of me read Ken Follett. My mother loves these types of books and I thought that it would be another one that I hand over to her.

I have only read the first 100 pages (there are about 900) but already I am in love with it - the style of writing is so good, even though it is about Irish history it is more of a look at the social history and how the people involved were affected, their personal histories and it captures moments with humour and emotion. I am reading this when I get a chance to at work on my lunch break and I am sure it will last me many more weeks. If it continues as well as it has started then it will be great and hence my need to recommend it :)  Have you read it? What did you think? Am I misguided?

Anyone on pinterest? If so....another recommendation...Sarah Lisle (kiwigetscrafty) who has a board dedicated to free cross stitch patterns that she has found available on the web, there is a good mix of things for you to ogle.

I am totally aware that this is my second post of the week and its only Wednesday! Idle hands and all that.

Have a good evening and thanks for visiting :)


  1. Idle hands = good blog reading for the rest of us. ;)

  2. Thank you for all these advices!


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