28 Mar 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays #12 Top 5 Film related charts

Hi Guys!

I do love films, all sorts, and yet I do not have any film related charts in my stash...oh wait! thats a lie...I do have one, and it is the stitch that I did for my niece of the Frozen sisters.

This wasn't for me though, and I have decided to go off in search of film charts that I would love to have hanging on my wall or in a pillow or something...so now for some me choices....so selfish :)

Stained Glass of Beauty and the Beast PDF Cross Stitch Pattern

Finding Nemo 1 - cross stitch pattern - PDF pattern - instant download!

Star Wars Cross Stitch PDF pattern R2D2 - Death Star - Silhouette

and this one just made me giggle...

Feed Me Cross Stitch Pattern PDF - Little Shop of Horrors Modern Cross Stitch Sampler - Instant Download


  1. Great list! I had real trouble with this one!

  2. Ooh I'm checking out that star wars one!

    1. Yeah it's pretty cool, if you had the right fabric too!

  3. Great choices! I finally got my post up. :)

  4. Fun projects, Kate! I don't have any film related charts in my stash. I'll have to get creative!

    1. Me neither, except Beauty and the beast.


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