13 Aug 2016

Quick update and a looooong post to follow!

So I meant to post this before I hopped on a plane to Holland but my timing wasn't great (not a huge surprise) and so it's belated but here it is... Where I got to by the end of July...

First up I had mentioned stitching a Game of Thrones sigil design and have subsequently began watching game of thrones reruns and have to say I am enjoying it so far, but I'm only on episode seven of season one. 

I took the piece to then framers and was originally thinking black and the framer agreed with me, then I saw a frame I fell for an thought would be much better and even though the framer thought it was too much, I went with my gut. I decided that the simplicity of the design afforded some flourish in the frame. Here is how it looks..,

And a close up of the frame...
Next I think I said I was starting the HAED challenge three...and I did...I started on one of Aimee Stewart's bookshelves but I had gone by the magic guide squares and one of the rules was to only go ten down...and I hate rules and wasn't prepared to start it again...this is where I had got to...

But then...I really wanted to do the challenge so I started another project! Lol. I need a new project like a hole in the head! I had hoped to have completed half a page before I went but although I got close I didn't quite make it...here is where I got to and below is the final pic...

It's for my eldest niece and I'm hoping (as its only four pages) to finish by her birthday next April. 

I also gave myself the challenge of finishing all the back in the top row of a mini A Light in the Dark and after i did that I pushed myself to complete the first page fully... Here is where I got to by the end of July...

I also started on that SAL (unusual subject matter for me) and have enjoyed it so far...and the first circle has been released and I'm dying to stitch that! Here is a glimpse of what I've done..

So all in all not bad for July! But as I've spent zero time stitching in August I'm not sure I will get much done. I need some targets for the next two weeks for sure.

It occurred to me on the flight home from Holland this morning that I have five weeks until I'm on a plane again to Canada!! 

I will be in Vancouver from 19th September till 26th, Montreal from the 27th till the 4th October and Toronto from   4th till the 10th October... So if anyone is near those parts of the world and want to have coffee, let me know! 😁

Ok...now to put the washing on and make a plan of action...and then catch up with what you've all been up to. 


  1. Fantastic finish on the game of throne piece! The frame is perfect, you were right to stick with your choice :)

  2. You WERE busy in July and some great progress. You were right to follow your instincts with the framing - the finished piece looks wonderful.

  3. You've been busy and I TOTALLY agree with you about the frame...just the "right" amount of pop!

  4. You have been very productive with your stitching! I agree that the Game of Thrones frame choice was perfect.
    Really like QS Sitting Pretty and you have made a really good start to it!


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