3 Apr 2016

[#AtoZChallenge] C is for...Cinderella.

I remember this story from being a child and I liked it. I maybe saw the film once back then and never really fell madly in love with it. With newer Disney films coming out it was soon surpassed and once I saw Beauty and the Beast I was blinded.

Then more recently, I think it was in the summer, I watched the film...oh my! ...the things you notice in a film as an adult that you miss as a child and the things you appreciate are so different! I couldn't believe how much the mice stole...STOLE....every scene they were in...and after watching it I had a new found love of the film. 

When I was small my mother made me a Cinderella, a reversible Cinderella rag doll.  I thought it was cool as, my sister thought it was her worst Christmas present ever! It was sort of like this...

So...I went off in search of some Cinderella themed crafts...

This is aimed at kids, and I like that all you need is some paper plates and tissue paper and pens. I might even try this with my girls.

And for lovers of amigurumi and just to keep reminding myself that I need to try this...

Now something that I would stitch that's Cinderella related...

I like this picture and I saw a pattern for it! Have you ever stitched Cinderella? 


  1. One of my favourites of the Disney movies. I've seen a doll like that, only it wasn't Cinderella, it was a sleeping and an awake baby. I'm loving the amigurumi figures. I must google and see if I can find some knitting patterns.

    1. You must! I'd love to see what you find.

  2. yay Cinderella! This used to be my favourite as well until they came out with some of the newer ones. Nice craft selection.


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