5 Mar 2016

Day 5 March Madness

My original project for today was a new start but a couple of days ago keebs gifted me a pattern which I just had to start today! It is this picture and I hope she will tell us who it's by in the comments or I can update tomorrow. Here is what the finished pic will resemble...

And here is where I am up to...I'm stopping early as I'm stupid tired tonight and it's not even seven!

I'm so tempted to only stitch on this but I need to save it for April/may instead. I am really enjoying it though :)


  1. Love the stitches
    So beautiful xx

  2. Wow, so many colours! Going to be a very special picture.

  3. You stitched a lot! It's a lovely design.

    1. I didn't do too bad :) I am lucky to have such a generous friend.

  4. That is so cool! It's a beautiful design and a great start.

  5. Paula Howard Designs was the designer I bought the pattern from on Etsy but I think the artist is Leonid Afremov.


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