19 Mar 2016

Day 19 March Madness

I just wrote this and it vanished! So let's try again...

Today's stitch was a new start on a HAED mini that was also given to me by keebs and it's printed on fab card paper 😁

Here is what it will look like finished...

And here is the smallest progress I made starting it today, I started in the centre of the pic on evenweave. I am happy to be rotating again and am thinking that when I work weekly on a project the progress will be more obvious...I hope!

Here it is...

See you tomorrow!


  1. Hi! Just stopping by to say good luck on the upcoming A to Z Challenge!

    Love that cross-stitch you're working on. I wish my mom had taught me more about needlework before her eyesight and arthritis stopped her from doing much of it..I always admire the skill. :)

    Monster-in-Residence at Part-Time Monster
    Member of Stormy's Sidekicks A to Z Team

    1. Hi part time monster! Thank you for stopping by, I am going to check out your blog when I get a moment.

  2. I'm not usually attracted by Gothy looking charts, but something about that one really catches my eye. Maybe it's the pops of colour, but I will be watching it grow with great interest.

    1. I agree, I think the pink makes it seem more delicate.

  3. There is something to be said for card stock paper!


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