23 Feb 2016

Top10 Tuesdays: Top 10 YouTube channels you find yourself watching,

Hello! And yes, I so realise that my date was wrong before, for some reason it said the 25th February but thats not a Tuesday! So here we are...the last Tuesday in February and what a topic.

I do not spend much time browsing YouTube and the majority of the videos I have ever seen have been the voice blind auditions from around the world - I can't explain my love for these, and YouTube videos that people share on Facebook.

There are some exceptions...band YouTube pages, TV show clips and Floss tube videos! So let's begin...

1. The Stash Queen (Stitching)
Now, I have watched a lot of floss tube videos but there is something about this woman that keeps me watching, and I am now at the point where I look forward to Sunday evening when she posts! She has some mannerisms and habits that are weirdly hypnotic and she is in part to blame for me thinking I could handle a single month of stitching everyday...here is her latest video...

2. Nikkie Tutorials (Makeup)
I don't know how I came to watch this girls make up videos as I am not really a make up addict although I am impressed with what you can do with it. There is a British girl - the equivalent to this one - but she just plain annoys me!

3. Button Poetry (Poetry)
I stumbled across this via it appearing on the sidebar when watching a different video and I really love the channel. Its great to see young people embrace poetry, performance poetry also makes it more accessible to all, in some ways it days steer the readers interpretation but I really like this.
4. Alonzo Lerone
He generally makes fun of comments or status or trends on social media. The clip below is about 'Go Fund Me'. I find it quite funny! Sometimes shockingly so..

5. GubeTube
Mainly because I love Matthw Gray Gubler! But he posts something hardly ever, which is good as it means that it takes very little of my time :) But how adorable is he??

6. Jimmy Fallon
I like this as i find Jimmy is super hyper and positive and a whole show of him is too much for me, lol!, and we don't have him on TV here anyway - does Spike count?, anyway I like his game bits and so every month or so catchup on those. Here is a cool adele clip.

7. TED
The videos are always interesting, sometimes educational but they do make you think, and usually about stuff that you might not have done already.

8. Red Letter Day
I like this - spoofy! - and its pretty funny too, I think its for Geekheads but I loved it.

9. AVbyte
This is the first of the two disney clips that I love to watch, if I am on YouTube then why not? First the villains....

and now the princesses...
10. Randoms
Ok, this isnt a channel but remember how I mentioned blind auditions from around the world...

Please share your favourite channels!


  1. Interesting list and we share some similars again!

  2. Great list, and I like that you have such a wide variety of channels you watch.

    1. Thanks Tiff, I now have a few more thanks to you and keebs :)

  3. I love Matthew Gray Gubler too! Have you seen the video where he shows you around his house? That's a good video :)

    1. I have! I think...I saw one he did aeons ago around his flat but more recently there was a shorter clip of him in his lounge :) he's so adorable *sigh*

  4. Interesting, but I'm not a YouTube person.

    1. It's a shame Bea, what's not mentioned is that YouTube is great if you are learning new skills in anything as there are so many instructional videos. I do waste too much time sometimes as you can get caught in a YouTube tunnel!

  5. As I said on Tiff and Keebles' posts, YouTube would be another voice added to the cacophony in this house caused by four people doing four different things! But I have bookmarked these posts to share the funnies with the Large Boy later on.
    I have watched some Flosstube (Blimey Cat and Jan's Thread Garden) and enjoyed them on a quiet afternoon.
    The Small Boy loves YouTube, he is in total control unlike the TV.


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